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9 Best Home Remedies for Weakness in the Hand to Relieve Pain

Home Remedies for Weakness in the Hand

Weakness in the hand poses a lot of problems and keeps on progressing if not treated. There are many reasons which can cause this problem like carpel tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, diabetes, muscular atrophy, vitamin B 12 deficiency, peripheral neuropathy, side effects of medicines and herniated discs. Apart from these injuries, surgeries, fractures and regular compressions also play a role in causing the problem. Initially, a person feels tingling and needle-like pricking pain in the wrist; this pain may start shooting upwards towards shoulder depending upon the causing factors and gradually brings numbness and weakness in the hand. If left untreated, this can make even simple tasks like picking up a glass of water or buttoning the shirt, impossible. Home remedies for weakness in the hand are effective ways to stop its progression and reverse the problem.

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Home Remedies for Weakness in the Hand

Vegetable Oil – Home Remedy to Cure Weakness in Hand

Vegetable Oil

Massages with warm oil are very beneficial home remedies for weakness in the hand and also for other type of depressions, injuries, inflammations in the body. Any vegetable oil can be used for massaging entire arm starting from the elbow. The direction of the massage shall be downwards starting from elbow up to fingertips. Gently massage wrists by circling them and run the thumb over them to promote blood flow in the veins. Coconut, mustard, Arnica oil etc., can be used for massages and gain relief from the problem.

Hot and Cold Compresses – Natural Treatment to Relieve Pain

Hot and cold compresses also work as the best home remedies for weakness in the hand. Take an ice pack and apply all over the wrist and palm, let it stay for few minutes and remove, apply again and repeat this for few times. For hot compresses, soak a towel in hot water, wring the excess water out and wrap it around wrist and palm. Hot and cold compresses in combination can be even more beneficial. Firstly apply an ice pack, let the area become numb and then remove it, immediately after that wrap the wrist area with warm towel. Repeat this few times. This process enhances blood flow and cure internal swellings to provide quick relief. Hot and cold compresses can be useful methods for weakness in the hand when repeated for few weeks regularly.

Vitamin B6 – Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Hand Pain

Vitamin B6

Increased intake of vitamin B6 also work as effective remedies. This problem can arise due to deficiency of certain vitamins hence proper diet can provide relief in many cases. Potatoes, sunflower seeds, avocados, chick peas, salmon, bananas and mangoes are few foods which are rich on B vitamins and work as remedies to reduce pain and numbness in the wrist and palm.

Exercises – Natural Treatment for Weakness in Hand

Some exercises are recommended to ease pain and numbness in the hand and these are also potent home remedies for weakness in the hand. Just hold your troubled hand up and stretch your fingers keeping them apart. Now with your thumb just try and reach the base of the smallest finger, like you are counting, if you cannot reach it do not worry take it as far as possible and hold it in that position for few seconds. Bring the thumb back to original position. Now touch top of every finger for few seconds with thumb, you can bring them closer but keep thumb and fingers straight. Start again with base of small finger. Perform this exercise few times it can release constricted nerves or blocked blood flow.

To perform another exercise which works as home remedies for weakness in the hand you need to hold your hand upwards and make a fist, keep your thumb over your fingers. Now stretch your thumb out, hold it for few seconds and bring it back to normal position. Now straighten your index finger, hold for few seconds and fold it back, do this with every finger, when you will straighten your middle and other fingers you can use your other hand to keep other fingers in folded position. Repeat this few times, it also relieves pain, tingling and numbness and work as one of the best techniques.

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Flaxseeds – Home Remedy to Inflammation and Pain


Increased intake of flaxseeds also works as effective home remedies for weakness in the hand. Flaxseeds contain properties to suppress internal inflammation and promote higher blood flow all over the body.

Pineapple – Natural Remedy to Relieve Pain and Numbness

Consuming a large piece of pineapple everyday particularly in the morning with breakfast also relieves pain and numbness. Pineapple contains bromelain which is excellent anti-inflammatory and relieves pain as well. Regular intake of pineapple works as the best remedies for weakness in the hand.

Milk with Turmeric Powder – Home Remedy to Curb Weakness and Pain

Milk With Turmeric Powder

Drink a glass of warm milk after adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder; it works well for internal inflammation, bleeding, and depression. Turmeric has potent properties to reduce swellings and also prevent hindrances obstructing the blood flow, turmeric also curbs toxicity in the blood. Regular intake of a couple of turmeric milk glasses works as effective home remedies for weakness in the hand.

Sometimes tingling can be due to anxiety attacks, just try some measures to relieve the problem. Breathing in a plastic bag, taking deep breaths and holding them for few seconds before exhaling are a couple of effective measures to prevent anxiety attacks. These measures also relieve tingling or weakness in limbs.

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