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9 Powerful Natural Cures for Candida That Work

Natural Cures for Candida

Candida albicans is yeast which is commonly found in the human body. Though it’s not good bacteria for the body, it’s harmless in most cases because it’s controlled by the good bacteria.

The immune system also helps keeps this under control. However, there are times when this bacterial becomes a trouble maker.

When the immune system becomes weaker, these bacteria become stronger. Same can happen when good bacteria are killed by antibiotics. When candida grows in abundance, it can lead to a number of unpleasant scenarios.

Genital passage infection, skin infection, oral thrush, etc., could be the result of the growth of this yeast. Especially those who have a poor immune system, this yeast can be very troublesome. There are so many natural cures for candida.

Candida is usually seen in abundance inside intestines. There are times when candida penetrates intestinal walls – body absorbs it and makes way for several troubles. It affects the immune system leading to a number of problems including headache, fatigue, poor memory and focus, mood swings, etc.

Herbal remedies are the best bet when it comes to this condition as they are able to provide a long-lasting solution to it, unlike other methods. One can come across many natural cures for candida.

Natural Cures for Candida

Acidophilus – Natural Treatment for Candida

Acidophilus is one of those natural cures. It is a good bacterium which is considered to be controlling candida. This bacterium has the ability to make intestinal tract more acidic, thereby putting a stop to the growth of candida. It also produces hydrogen peroxide which is very efficient in killing candida.

This bacterium is also credited for maintaining the microbial balance in the body. It prevents further yeast infection. Acidophilus is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Fiber – Natural Remedies to Treat Candida


Fiber is another natural cure for this condition. Mix one teaspoon soluble fiber with a glass of water. Drink it twice a day. Try to drink it on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness. Fiber is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

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Enteric Coated Garlic – Herbal Remedy to Prevent Candida

Enteric-coated garlic is another natural cure one can try to prevent the overgrowth of candida. There are garlic capsules with an enteric coating which are very effective in stopping the growth of candida in the intestines.

One can use one capsule at a time two times a day with water. Enteric-coated garlic is one of the effective home remedies for candida.

Essential Oils – Herbal Remedies to Cure Candida

Essential Oils

Enteric-coated essential oils are said to be very useful in dealing with the growth of candida. There are pills enteric-coated pills available in the market. These pills can be used for several months to see amazing results. Have two capsules two times a day with water.

These capsules are perfectly capable of stopping the overgrowth of candida in the body. Studies have vouched for this fact. Enteric-coated essential oils are one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Controlling the diet is the most important step in controlling candida. Several studies have revealed that diet has a positive effect on this condition, especially after 2 to 3 weeks.

During the course of dieting, one shouldn’t touch the restricted food items which contribute to the growth of candida. The favorite food items can be incorporated later in a slow manner after the recovery. Carbohydrate intake has to be reduced as much as possible.

Sugar tends to help the growth of candida – so, avoid it complexly. 20 to 60 grams per day is the allowed amount when it comes to carbohydrates. Diet control is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Lifestyle has a major influence on this condition. Altering lifestyle a bit can bring in amazing results. One has to bid goodbye to a poor lifestyle. It’s suggested that one should avoid alcohol and smoking. Both can negatively impact the progress of recovery. The immune system also will get affected. Therefore, one needs to avoid both.

Starving the yeast is a commonly adopted natural cure for dealing with this condition. Don’t eat anything which would help the growth of yeast. A healthy lifestyle is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Another home remedy is to kill the critters. This process can last for several months. One needs to use many antifungal herbs including grapefruit seed extract, berberine, etc. Combine them with caprylic acid, which will provide the best results as it will be able to break down candida. Killing the critters is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Repopulating the gut is another commonly adopted method. This works by putting good bacteria into the gut, which will fight the bad ones. Probiotics are used for this purpose.

An added advantage of probiotics is that it also helps the bowel movement. Fermented foods are wonderful in achieving this – yogurt, kimchi, coconut water, etc., are examples. Repopulating gut is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

Realize the significance of detoxification. Improved liver function can be of great help when it comes to dealing with this condition. The liver plays an important role in getting rid of yeast. Therefore, it has to be in top form. Moreover, candida is said to be bad for the health of the liver.

Take the necessary steps to improve the health of the liver and yeast elimination will get easier. Detoxification is one of the effective natural cures for candida.

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