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Prevent Tooth Decay In Toddlers And Children

Prevent Tooth Decay in Toddlers and Children

Taking care of the dentures of toddlers and young children is difficult but this is necessary as children at this age are easy victims of oral problems. Moreover, oral problems at this stage can lead to permanent debility and weaknesses in gums and teeth which can cause regular oral problems at a later age. There are a few easy steps that everyone can take to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.

Oral problems in children are so common that nearly 40% of children between the age of 4-7 years are believed to have cavities and need a dentist’s help.

Proper care and hygiene can provide effective protection and prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.

Prevent Tooth Decay in Toddlers and Children

Brushing Teeth

Many parents believe that young children do not need brushing. It is not true, in fact, young children need regular and proper brushing of teeth at least twice a day.

Toddlers and children eat sugary foods and eat a few times a day; this keeps their mouth full with particles of chewed food which remains attached to their teeth and gums.

This food leftover is a source of infection and causes tooth decay. Even if a child is not having teeth wiping gums with a gauge or specially designed toothbrush for young children keeps their mouth healthy and clean.

Ensuring regular brushing of teeth is the best practice to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.

Sippy Cup and Beaker

Sippy cup and beakers are good ways to train a child how to drink from a cup and give away bottle, but these are sources of infection which affect most of the young children.

During the day longer these cups and beaker stay with children higher they are exposed to bacteria. Stand in front of the child and ask him to finish the drink, if the child is reluctant to finish the drink completely take the cup away and empty it, refill when he is ready to drink after washing it.

These steps will let him learn how to drink from a cup and also protect him from infection. These are good ways to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.


Teaching children to drink using a straw is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.

When children drink with a straw the sugar and other substances do not get attached to teeth and gums, this prevents bacterial growth and infection.

Making children drink sugary drinks using a straw can be of immense help to prevent tooth decay.

Detergent Foods

There are certain foods that work like detergent for teeth and gums. These foods do not stick in mouth and can be washed off by simple water-rinse.

Plus these foods take food particles out, which are already present in the mouth, along with them when the mouth is rinsed.

Encouraging children and toddlers to eat such foods after meals can save botheration of brushing and also keep their mouth clean.

These foods are good ways to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children. Fruits like apples and raw vegetables like carrots, radish, celery, etc. are good foods that are called as detergent foods.

Bedtime Eating

Discourage bedtime eating. Children eating in bed before bedtime have acid regurgitation which damages their enamel and exposes teeth to bacteria.

Also, bedtime eating promotes the growth of bacteria in the mouth by providing them food particles to feed on.

Discouraging bedtime eating is a good practice which not only helps in keeping a child’s digestion healthy but also prevents tooth decay in toddlers and children.

Check their Habits

Children develop many habits that directly affect the health of their teeth and gums. Chewing harsh objects like pencils and other things are common habits in children.

These can damage enamel and expose teeth to harmful microorganisms. Apart from this, these habits can loosen the grip of gums and create a gap between gums and teeth.

This gap is a favorable ground for bacteria to breed and cause decay. Keep an eye on these habits of the child and discourage them strictly to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.


Children are mostly reluctant when it comes to brushing their teeth. Offer them rewards for regularity and sincerity in taking care of their dentures.

These rewards will keep them enthusiastic and develop the habit of maintaining good oral hygiene. There are many types of toothpaste which are available in the market especially for kids, these have different flavors and colors, ask the child to choose one for him.

Make brushing appear like a game to keep the child interested. All these measures work well to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children.

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Use Proper Toothpaste

Check the contents of toothpaste, those which have no fluoride are ineffective in controlling bacteria and infection. Use fluoridated toothpaste which is very effective in flushing bacteria out and keeping the mouth clean and healthy.

The use of proper toothpaste is a very important step to prevent tooth decay in toddlers and children. Also, take calcium-rich supplements to get more strong and powerful teeth.

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