10 Best Home Remedies for Chilblains

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Home Remedies for Chilblains

Chilblains are irritating and painful parts of skin which get swelled due to exposure to cold weather. These mostly occur over extremities and when body is exposed to extreme cold and quickly to warm environment chances of chilblains increase considerably. People prone to suffer with allergies are also prone to suffer with chilblains; restricted blood flow, hormonal imbalance, anemia, problems related to bone marrow and connective tissues in skin are other possible causes of frequent chilblains. Home remedies for chilblains cure the swelling and pain and also help in preventing their occurrence considerably.

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Home Remedies for Chilblains

Black Peppercorns and Sesame Oil – Home Remedy for Chilblains

Home Remedy for Chilblains

Take some black peppercorns and fry them in sesame oil or mustard oil for few minutes. Later let the oil cool down to normal temperature and strain the mixture. Discard black peppercorns and collect the oil, use this oil to massage the affected parts regularly two three times in the day. Do not use this remedy if chilblains have cuts or open skin, otherwise this is one of the best home remedies for chilblains.

Egg, Honey and Glycerin – Home Remedy for Chilblains

Add one tablespoon of honey and glycerin to one egg’s yolk. Add some wheat flour to form a thick paste. Apply this paste over affected part and let it stay overnight. In the morning wash off and repeat the remedy regularly till chilblains are cured. This is another one of the useful home remedies for chilblains.

Ginger – Home Remedy to Cure Chilblains

Crush few pieces of ginger and boil with sufficient amount of water, let the mixture boil for few minutes and later allow it to cool down. When mixture is lukewarm dip affected part in the mixture, let it stay in the mixture till mixture remains warm and later wipe it off dry. Ginger will heal the affected parts and also reduce swelling and pain. You can also use thyme oil in place of ginger for good effects. These are beneficial home remedies for chilblains.

Onions – Natural Remedy to Provide Relief from Chilblains

Remedy to Provide Relief from Chilblains

Take few onions and grate them into thin slices, collect them in a sieve and press them to extract their juice out, apply this juice to the affected parts and let it stay for an hour. Repeat the remedy regularly and twice in a day to gain relief. Onion juice also works as one of the best home remedies for chilblains.

Potato – Home Remedy to Treat Chilblains

Grate a potato and prepare a paste, add some salt to the mixture and apply the paste over affected part of the skin. Let the paste stay for an hour and later remove. You can apply this few times in a day and regularly till problem subsides. Salt and potato mixture work as efficient home remedies for chilblains.

Lemon Juice – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Chilblains

You can apply lemon juice directly to the affected part of skin few times in a day. Wash off your feet in the night and pat skin dry, apply lemon juice layer by layer when previous layer dries out completely. Preserve the juice by wearing socks and let it stay overnight. Alternatively, you can also use lemon peel for treating chilblains. Take used lemon peels and rub inside part of the peel containing pulp over chilblains. Let the pulp and juice stay and wear socks to leave it overnight. In the morning wash off with water and soap and apply one more time during the day. These are simple and useful home remedies for chilblains.

Vegetable Oil and Garlic – Natural Treatment to Cure Chilblains

Natural Treatment to Cure Chilblains

Take any vegetable oil about three tablespoons and add 5 to 6 crushed cloves of garlic. Boil these cloves in the oil and keep boiling till garlic cloves turn black in color. Later allow the oil to cool down and strain, discard garlic cloves and store the oil in glass bottle. Use this oil to massage affected parts twice in a day. Use it before going to bed daily and wear socks to prevent it from getting wiped off. On regular use these not only work as potent home remedies for chilblains but also prevent their occurrence.

Celery – Home Remedy to Treat Chilblains

Take some celery and add these to half liter of water, boil the mixture for half an hour and later allow it to become warm. Soak affected parts in the mixture for 20 minutes or till mixture remains warm. Repeat this remedy at night regularly for few days to cure chilblains. This is one of the widely used home remedies for chilblains.

Turnips – Home Remedy to Cure Chilblains Problem

Turnips Home Remedy to Cure Chilblains Problem

Turnips are fast-acting home remedies for chilblains. You can slice a turnip and tie its slices to the affected parts. Change the bandage twice in a day and practice the remedy regularly to cure the problem. Or you can slice couple of turnips and boil them in two liters of water for 10 minutes. Let the mixture come down in temperature and when it is warm soak the affected parts in it. Keep them immersed till mixture remains warm and pat them dry later. Practice this remedy at night and wear socks. Both ways turnips provide effective home remedies for chilblains.

Horseradish – Natural Remedy for Chilblains

You can grate a horseradish and apply the paste to the affected part. Keep the paste at right place by bandaging it and perform this remedy regularly. It is also one of the useful home remedies for chilblains.

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