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Swine Flu Remedies and Treatment

Swine Flu Remedies and Treatment

Swine Flu Remedies and Treatment

It is a popular name for the influenza virus. It was first discovered in Mexico in 1990. It is caused by a new strain of influenza virus A.

As it is originated in Mexico so it is also known as Mexican flu. It is a seasonal flu that comes in only some months of a year. Firstly one needs to be very careful and preventive for not getting the flu, but what if he or she get it??

The article underneath will throw light on the swine flu remedies and treatment, health measures and other things which must be in consideration. I hope this will be very useful for you.

Swine Test:– If your child or beloved one seems positive for the test of swine flu H1N1 virus don’t be late in carrying out the test as it is easily available at any medical laboratory available near your place.

Hygiene Conditions:- Keep the place of the patient neat and clean. No contamination should be present there. Home hygiene should be carried out properly.

Doctor Consultation:- Go for the doctor who will prescribe you antiviral drugs i.e. Tamiflu or Relenza, which will only be effective if the symptoms of the virus are shown.

Home Rest:- If children get it, they must remain at home for 24 hours so the symptoms are gone. It will be more beneficial for them to rest for a day or two because when a virus attacks the immunity of a person or say a child is decreased.

Eating Habits:- Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Also, feel fresh as when u smile and do think positive the disease run away by itself. Trust me, I tried it!

Contact Restriction:- Avoid contact with patients with other family members. Don’t isolate them but keep them separated for a short period.

Water Need:- Parents should encourage hydration. Water is the treatment for every disease so keep this remedy in your mind.

Avoid Touching

Do not touch your eyes, mouth or other parts of the face. As this can help spread the germs of the influenza virus to your body openings.

Washing Hands:- Wash your hands frequently. If this annoys you, use your favorite soap, so it makes you feel better.

Covering of Mouth:- Cover your mouth while sneezing.

Above are the swine flu remedies and treatment one must follow after he or she catches the swine flu virus.

  1. Keep in mind it is not one of the severe or lethal viruses as such polio or Dengue so proper medication for an appropriate time will be recommended.
  2. Do not rush for the hospital because you can stay at the home taking care of your family.
  3. Reading a book or watching a movie is more appropriate if u feel sticking to the bed.
  4. Keep in mind that don’t panic when you got the flu; it’s not recommended for the pregnant or heart patients which might be harmful for them and a sudden shock in those states will be really dangerous!!
  5. Attend the preventive campaigns and read books regarding the prevention of the swine flu so as to keep your family safe and healthy.
  6. Don’t mess with the patients of the influenza virus as they are very confused and feel dizzy.
  7. Summing up I must say these are some of the essentials one has to follow if he or she catches the virus strain.

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You must also try some herbal immunity boosting pills for you or your dear one so as to enhance the overall immune system.

This will greatly help you in coping up with the problem if you get sick or preventing it so that you never develop this, either way, you win!

The above swine flu remedies and treatment will surely help you out in coping up with the problem whether you or one of your dear ones gets sick all of a sudden.

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