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11 Effective Herbal Cold Remedies That Relieve Symptoms

Herbal Cold Remedies

As we all know, the common cold is one of the most common health problems all over the world. Anyone can catch a common cold anytime. And in most cases, it will disappear after a week or two.

As long as not severe, the common cold doesn’t demand you to go to a doctor. There are many effective herbal cold remedies available in nature.

Herbal cold remedies will be able to provide quick relief from this condition. Let’s take a look at some of those effective herbal cold remedies below.

Herbal Cold Remedies

Drinking Plenty of Fluids Home Remedies For Cold

Drinking plenty of fluids is as effective herbal cold remedies. Drinking plenty of fluids will break up your congestion. Also, it will prevent dehydration and it will keep the throat moist most of the time. However, for optimum result, one should drink as many as 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis. Water, juices, herbal teas, ginger ale, sports drinks etc., can be consumed. However, it would be better to limit coffee and cola. Caffeine is diuretic in nature and it can leave you dehydrated.

Inhaling Steam – Home Treatment to Prevent Cold Flu

Inhaling Steam

Inhaling steam can be as effective as herbal cold remedies. It will reduce congestion and improve breathing. Boil the water with few herbal ingredients like tulsi and then hold your head over the pot so that you can inhale the steam. However, make sure that the steam doesn’t burn your nose. Slow breathing can be very helpful here. Humidifier is available in the stores. In short, steam is an excellent choice to deal with the symptoms of common cold.

Blowing your Nose as Herbal Cold Remedies

Blowing your nose once in a while is going to be as effective as herbal cold remedies. However, one needs to do it in a proper way. Blowing the nose frequently will be very helpful in handling this condition than any other method. However, make sure you don’t blow that hard as it can lead to ear infection later. Keep finger on one nostril while you gently blowing the other and repeat the step with second one.

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Saline Nasal Sprays – Remedy to Remove Virus and Bacteria from Your Nose

Saline Nasal Sprays

Saline nasal sprays are effective herbal cold remedies. If that’s not available, one can make their own salt water rinse for this purpose. It is very useful in breaking the nasal congestion. It is also very useful in removing virus and bacteria from your nose. Also, it is very important to protect one from all sorts of bacteria and infections as they can make this go worse.

Taking Rest and Staying Warm to Remove Cold Virus

Taking rest and staying warm are as important as herbal cold remedies. The common cold is your body’s way of telling you that you probably need rest. Sometimes pushing the limits too far can result in common cold.

Therefore, taking adequate rest is very important as far quick recovery is concerned. It will also improve the immunity. Also, it is important to stay warm all the time. Lying down under a blanket would keep you warm.

Gargling with Warm Salt Water to Treat Cold Naturally

Gargling with warm salt water is as effective as herbal cold remedies; why is it important because it can moisten a sore throat. It is going to be very helpful as far as quick relief is concerned. Add a few teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water and try an astringent gargle. You can add other ingredients like honey, raspberry leaves, lemon juice, etc., for an added effect. Gargling is one of the age-old techniques to fight the common cold.

Herbal Tea – Home Remedy to Deal with Common Cold

Herbal Tea

Drinking hot liquids are as important as herbal cold remedies. It has the ability to relieve nasal congestion in a natural manner. It also helps prevent dehydration. And it also soothes inflamed membranes. Make a cup of hot herbal tea and drink it 2 to 3 times a day. It’s going to be very helpful in dealing with the common cold. Adding a little bit of honey is going to be very helpful here.

Steamy Shower as Herbal Cold Remedies

Taking steamy shower would be as helpful as herbal cold remedies. Steamy shower has the ability to moisturize the nasal passage. It will also be able to relax the nasal passage. Steamy shower is very helpful in dealing with the symptoms of common cold.

Mentholated Salve – Home Remedy to Remove Symptoms of Cold

Mentholated Salve

A mentholated salve is one of the effective herbal cold remedies. Try to keep a dab of it under your nose. It will lift the blockage in the nostril. One will be able to keep the irritated skin under control with this method.

Hot Packs as Herbal Cold Remedies

Hot packs are as effective as herbal cold remedies. Apply it around the congested sinuses. Reusable packs are available in the medical store. Or one can make one for oneself. Testing the temperature, in the beginning, would be very helpful in dealing with this condition.

Try to sleep with an extra pillow as it is going to help. It is very effective in dealing with a congested nasal passage. All the aforementioned methods are very effective in dealing with the common cold in a natural manner. The common cold is not a serious health condition. In most cases, it disappears after a week or two even without any treatment.

Common cold can be kept under control with the aforementioned techniques. You need to try them to see which one works for you the most.

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