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Natural Treatment for Shingles

Natural Treatment for Shingles

If you don’t know already, shingles and chickenpox virus are connected. Shingles is a secondary outbreak of the chicken pox virus. However, shingles usually appear several decades after the first infection.

The good news is that it’s less harmful in the second time around. Having taken chickenpox vaccination might suggest that you are susceptible to it one day.

If you had chickenpox once then you might be subjected to this again. It should be noted that the chickenpox vaccine is the culprit in most cases.

This vaccination might stay hidden in the body for several years before finally reappearing as shingles. It attacks the body when the immune system is the weakest. However, one should realize the fact that one can have shingles without having a previous history of chickenpox.

In that case, you will get it contacted by another patient. As for the symptoms, it appears in circular patterns in the beginning. Natural treatment for shingles is the best option one can think of.

Natural treatment for shingles has many advantages unlike other methods. Natural cures are cheaper and they don’t provide side effects. Moreover, natural remedies have the ability to improve immunity system and overall health.

This is going to be very effective in stopping the outbreak of this virus. How can we stop this condition? Well, certain food items have natural amino acids in them and such food items are going to be very useful in dealing with this condition. Let’s take a look at a couple of natural treatments for shingles below.

Natural Treatment for Shingles

Lysine Rich Foods

Increasing the level of lysine in the body is an effective natural treatment for shingles. One can come across many food items with lysine in them.

Dairy products and most of the vegetables are very useful in dealing with this condition since they have lysine in them. However, don’t use chocolates, nuts, and tomatoes since they have plenty of arginines, which is not good for dealing with this condition.

Having more and more lysine-rich foods will be beneficial in dealing with it. One is recommended to have milk, yogurt, fish, meat, etc. They have plenty of lysines and they should be included in the daily diet. Most importantly, diet control is a major step in controlling this condition effectively.


Chiropractor is an effective natural treatment for shingles. It has the natural ability to prevent the outbreak of this virus. When it comes to the major causes of this condition, spinal misalignment tops the list. This virus stays hidden in the spinal column for several years before it finally appears. Therefore, opting for chiropractor adjustment is going to be very useful in handling this condition in a sensible manner.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective natural treatment for shingles. It’s well-known for its ability to keep the pain under control. Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the affected area. After a while, place a hot water bottle over this place and try to do gentle massage with the water bottle.

Try to repeat this for an hour for maximum effectiveness. It has the ability to provide fast recovery. However, try to do it without burning the patient – be careful with this method.

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Lysine supplement is an effective natural treatment for shingles. Especially when shingles go worse, one can take the help of lysine supplements. The recommended dose is 2000 mg per day. Having that much on a daily basis would be very useful in dealing with this condition in an effective manner. It will prevent the rapid and sudden outbreak effectively. Diet control is very important as we have stated before. It’s really important to say No to all the arginine-rich food items for full recovery from this condition.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Colloidal silver is an effective natural treatment for shingles. Having consumed orally would give maximum benefit to the patient. It has the natural ability to kill the virus. Try to have vitamin C in large doses for this purpose. You can get vitamin C supplements from the market.


Taking rest is an effective natural treatment for shingles. It’s the same for chickenpox as well, as quality rest can come in handy as far as recovery is concerned. So, if you have shingles, try to have ample rest. Try not to do anything else for a couple of days. Stay in bed and read some books if you want. Ample rest would be very useful in controlling the outbreak of the virus in a natural manner.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is an effective natural treatment for shingles. Stress can have a negative impact on this condition and therefore it is important to reduce the stress. Being under constant stress can make this condition worse. So, try to relax as much as possible. It would be useful if one does yoga and meditation. Trying to relaxation exercises would come in handy in dealing with this condition.

Proteolytic Enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes are effective natural cures for shingles.

Pancreas naturally produces this enzyme and it is good in dealing with this condition.

There are plenty of food items which can deal with this condition which including papaya and pineapple. One can also go for supplements if unable to have these fruits.

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