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Stop Sperm Discharge During Bowel Movement

Control Sperm Leakage during Stool Passing

The problems of semen with urine and during bowel movement have almost similar causes. Both these problems are highly debilitating and raise chances of other disorders considerably.

Most of the males are not sure about the proper treatment which allows the problem to flourish and grow out of bounds. You can here get entire details on how to control sperm leakage during stool naturally.

Causes of Sperm Leakage during Bowel Movement

During bowel movement stools exert some pressure over the bladder, urinary canal and rectum lining. This pressure allows semen to pass out in males suffering from certain conditions. Males suffering from congested prostate gland release seminal fluids during bowel movements.

Due to abusive sexual behavior, long sitting hours, obesity, arousals without ejaculation and excessive copulation males suffer from fluid build-up around the prostate.

Many males suffer from swollen prostate gland due to bacterial infections. The prostate gland also becomes enlarged with growing age.

Both these conditions also cause sperm leakage during bowel movements. Natural treatment for sperm leakage while passing stools handles these conditions efficiently and provides relief in a short time.

Along with prostate problems males suffering from nerve debilities also face the regular loss of seminal fluids during a bowel movement. Weakness in body and reproductive system also raise disorders like semen with urine or during bowel movement.

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Stop Sperm Discharge After Bowel Movement
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Stay Physically Active and Exercise Regularly

Natural treatment for sperm leakage while passing stool handles other debilities and disorders too efficiently and provide quick and long-lasting relief.

To control sperm leakage during stool naturally you should eat a nutritious diet. Foods high on nutrition help the body in recovering from debilities caused by regular loss of semen.

Include foods like broccoli, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, salmon, green tea, etc. in your diet. These foods are excellent for healthy prostate gland and control sperm leakage during stool naturally.

Eat other varieties of nutritious foods like wholegrain, veggies, beans, seeds and nuts and include beans, eggs, etc. for getting lean protein.

Consume low-fat dairy products and healthy spices, and use healthy cooking oils like coconut to get optimum nutrition. Dietary changes are effective ways how to stop sperm leakage during stool at home.

Make a few lifestyle changes as well for faster treatment. Avoid long sitting hours and sedentary lifestyle, stay physically active and exercise regularly if possible.

Cut-out harmful practices like hand-practice, use of porn material, etc. completely. Limit alcohol, smoking, tobacco use, etc. and do not use OTC medicines indiscriminately.

Maintain healthy water intake and proper eating and sleeping timings. These changes reduce strain over the prostate gland, reproductive system, and speed-up metabolic rate. Healthy lifestyle relieves stress and keeps you physically and mentally energized.

Control Sperm Leakage During Stool Passing

If dietary and lifestyle changes provide little benefit use of No Fall and Shilajit capsules provide sure-shot results in short time. These are herbal supplements that come with multiple health benefitting properties. These pills together address an entire range of causes of the problem and provide holistic treatment.

These supplements are exceptional in improving health and functions of the prostate gland. These diffuse inflammation and even shrink the enlarged size of gland back to normal. These pills clear fluid build-up around the prostate and control sperm leakage during stool naturally.

Shilajit and NF Cure capsules elevate the level of testosterone hormone and rejuvenate reproductive system. Testosterone hormone improves muscular endurance and sharpens brain functions and also speeds-up fat metabolism.

The healthy prostate gland and energized reproductive system resolves the problem of semen with urine or bowel movements quickly.

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Prevent Involuntary Discharge and Improve Physical and Mental Abilities

Some of the herbs used in these pills improve the functions of the entire nervous system. You get strong and alert nerves which keep sperms locked in a testicular sac and prevent their involuntary discharge.

Balanced secretion of youth, growth and metabolic hormones is vital for sound physical, mental and sexual health. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules provide these benefits too naturally.

You gain much improved physical and mental abilities and lead a much better life than before. You also get better cardio, circulatory and digestive system and healthy liver, kidney, and colon functions. free-radicals, microbes, and toxins are severe stressors that cause disorders and debilities by their damaging effects.

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules eliminate these stressors and also diffuse inflammation caused by these in an internal system.

These advantages maintain sound physical and mental health by protecting nerves, organs, and glands and keeping their functions upbeat.

Benefits of Using NF Cure ad Shilajit Capsules

Both NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are herbal and completely safe. You can use these without any medical prescription for a prolonged duration.

Their harmlessness makes them the best way how to stop sperm leakage during stool at home. These are suitable for males of all ages and are easy to use.

Even in the rush of daily life, you can use them without misses and get rid of serious disorders easily and forever. If you take simple precautions and maintain diet and lifestyle results obtained are permanent in nature.

The positive effects of these supplements make you a capable lover in bed and enhance your fertility. These also sharpen brain functions and boost-up your physical capabilities.

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