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Best Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

Kidneys work day and night to filter out minerals and harmful substances from the blood which either get reabsorbed in the body or passed-out through urine. This process over a period of time can make kidneys toxic.

Due to the higher level of toxicity, these organs become sluggish which may lead to problems like the formation of stones, etc. Regular kidney cleansing keeps this organ healthy and upbeat and prevents problems like stone effectively.

There are many factors which overload human blood with toxins and put pressure on kidneys, use of medicines like diuretics, NSAIDs, sedatives etc., imbalanced diet high in animal protein, sodium, oxalate etc., poor water intake, contaminated food, disease related to kidneys like polycystic kidney disease and disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure etc., can overload kidneys and increase their toxicity.

Home remedies for kidney cleansing are effective ways to prevent ill-effects of these factors and keep kidneys healthy and upbeat.

Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

Watermelon – Home Remedy to Cleanse Kidney

Water Melon

Watermelon is the best fruit which is kid-friendly and provides a couple of home remedies for kidney cleansing. Fast for one day, consume only watermelon as fruit or as juice, do not add salt or any other spice to the fruit and do not eat any other fruit or food. This will flush all the excessive toxins out. You can also utilize watermelon by taking a teaspoon of its seeds and boiling them with a cup of water. Let them boil for a few minutes and later strain and drink. This cup of tea regularly for few days will free kidneys from harmful substances and toxins.

Home Remedies to Remove Toxins from Kidney

  • Dandelion Root
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Oatstraw and
  • Cotton Silk and Fennel

Take two teaspoons each of dandelion root and nettle leaf. Take a half teaspoon each of oat straw, cotton silk and fennel. Add all of these to a glass of water and boil them with a lid on. When the mixture has boiled for a few minutes, let it cool down and strain it. Drink the liquid in one day dividing it into two equal parts. This is one of the best home remedies for kidney cleansing.

Carrot and Cucumber – Home Remedy to Treat Kidney Problem

Carrot and Cucumber

Take a few fresh carrots and a piece of cucumber at least medium-sized if not big. Clean the carrots thoroughly to remove all the dust and debris and peel off cucumber. Run these in a blender to extract juice, you can add a teaspoon or two of lemon juice if you want and drink it; follow this remedy regularly for 4 to 5 days. These few glasses in a week are potent home remedies for kidney cleansing. Repeat after every 30 to 40 days to stay protected.

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Natural Remedy to Treat Kidney Problems

  • Radish
  • purple Cabbage
  • Celery

Take radish and clean it thoroughly, cut it into small pieces and collect a cup full of these. Similarly collect another cup of purple cabbage and one rib celery. Run these ingredients in a blender and collect the juice. Drink this juice once in a day for 3 to 4 days regularly; these ingredients together are also powerful home remedies for kidney cleansing.

Celery Seeds – Home Remedy for Healthy Kidney

Celery Seeds

Fast for one day, do not eat anything in the day but drink water. Take a cup of celery seeds and a cup of parsley, add these to one and a half glass of distilled water and boil the mixture for 15 minutes.

After that put off the utensil from the burner and simmer the mixture for another 10 minutes. Strain and store the mixture after it has cooled down, and drink the mixture in three-four parts during the day.

This is one of the best home remedies for kidney cleansing.

Carrot Seeds – Home Remedy to Maintain Kidney Health

Carrot seeds also provide very easy to use and effective home remedies for kidney cleansing. Take a tablespoon of carrot seeds and add these to a cup of water and boil the mixture for three minutes. Let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning give this mixture a couple of boils again and strain. Let the mixture cool down and drink two tablespoons of it three times a day.

Bearberry Leaves – Home Remedy for Cleanse Kidney

Bearberry Leaves

Take a tablespoon of bearberry leaves, add these to a cup of water and boil the mixture for a few minutes. Take off the mixture from the burner and let it steep for thirty minutes. Once it has cooled down, strain and drink during the day dividing it into three equal parts. Warm the mixture each time before drinking. This is another one of the widely used home remedies for kidney cleansing.

Juice – Home Remedy to Cure Toxins From Kidney

Take 2 apples and blend them without peeling, add juice of a lemon to the apple juice and consume once or twice in a day. Repeat this remedy for three to four days regularly; it works as one of the best home remedies for kidney cleansing.

Drink Plenty of Water to Cleanse Kidney

Drink plenty of water while taking any of these remedies or even during normal days. Higher water intake on regular basis is the best of all the home remedies for kidney cleansing. It also enhances effects of all the remedies so ensure that you consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water during the day. Avoid foods which inhibit urine formation and slow down kidney functions like salty, fatty and greasy foods and foods high on oxalate.

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