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Herbal Breast Enhancement Oil



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Big B-36 oil is a herbal breast enhancement oil that helps in making busts firmer and fuller and also maintains their fullness for longer period in life. Use of this oil along with Big B-36 capsules is one of the most popular natural methods to enhance breasts size naturally and effectively.

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Natural Breast Enhancement Oil

Under-developed and saggy breasts cause a lot of embarrassment to women. The importance of this part of the body in women’s psyche can be assessed by the fact that they do not even hesitate to undergo expensive and troubling surgeries to gain optimum size and firmer busts. Curvaceous and firmer busts make woman appear many times beautiful and attractive. A decade ago, only surgeries and frustrating implants were only options to gain fuller and firmer bosom; but ever since medical experts have understood the great power and medicinal value of herbs, one more very convenient and effective method has come up which not only improves size and firmness but do it conveniently in a short period of time without any side effects.

Natural breast enhancement oil is far better method of gaining bigger and fuller busts which is easy to use, almost inexpensive when compared with surgeries and provide trouble-free long-lasting results. Apart from enhancing busts, these natural methods to enhance breasts size provide many other benefits which too are priceless and incomparable with other methods.

Bust region of a woman gains fat deposition during growing years. This fat deposition stops after a certain age but body keeps on nourishing tissues of this region to maintain firmness. In women who do not experience optimum fat deposition during growing years, the busts remain under-developed and smaller in size. In some women, size of busts is normal but they lose firmness due to poor nourishment or due to lactation, menopause or other health issues. In either case, herbal breast enhancement oil is highly useful and resolves the problem in a short time. Regular massage with this oil works as natural methods to enhance breasts, thereby making them firmer and fuller and also maintain their fullness for longer period in life.

Herbal Oil to Enhance Breasts Size

Big B-36 oil is natural breast enhancement oil which provides varied benefits and increase cup size and firmness of women’s busts to give them appealing and attractive looks. Woman having tighter, fuller and livelier busts look younger and likeable which do a world of good to their confidence. Big B-36 oil is completely herbal preparation which is suitable for women of all ages and is harmless for all types of skin. This oil does not cause any rashes or irritation even in those women who have sensitive skin. Regular massage with this oil enhances blood flow in the region.

Higher blood flow brings more nutrition and oxygen for cells which enhance their regeneration. Higher cell generation enlarge tissues and make them bigger and stronger. With tissue enlargement, women gain bigger and firmer busts in a short time. Massage with this oil also provides strength to adipose tissue. This tissue is attached to chest of a woman and runs under busts to provide them support to stay up. With strengthened adipose tissues, busts do not sag; get firmer and bouncier and look bigger in size too. Big B-36 oil by virtue of its benefits works as highly efficient herbal breast enhancement oil which works for women of all ages.

This oil contains potent herbs like Gambhiri, Semala, Margach, Kashmiri, Shivan, Mahakusumika, Kumil, Gumar, Tripani and Sarvatobhadra. These herbal ingredients apart from providing above said benefits remove wrinkles, lines and spots from the skin of busts and make them look suppler, smoother and shinier. Menopausal women who have lesser estrogen secretion and depleted blood flow to suffer with saggy and loose busts also gain immense benefits by taking regular massages of this oil. Even menopausal women can gain firmer, bigger and fuller busts in a short time by utilizing immense benefits of this oil. Regular massage being done with this oil provides natural methods to enhance breasts size and maintain their firmness in future.

Natural Breast Enlargement Oil

Combining Big B-36 herbal breast enhancement oil massages with Big B-36 capsules make results even better and long-lasting. The capsules increase fat deposition by enhancing level of estrogen hormone in the body. With higher fat deposition, busts which are under-developed due to genetic or hormonal problems, or those who have lost firmness and fullness due to aging, health issues or menopause become fuller, bigger and firmer in much less time. Breast of a woman does not have any muscle or bone; it just has fat and adipose tissues and milk ducts. This is why exercises are of little help in improving their firmness and size.

The Big B-36 oil and capsules in combination are complete and highly effective natural methods to enhance breasts in a short time. These supplements do not promote fat gain at any other part of the body hence can be used by woman without worrying about weight gain to cure looseness and smaller size of busts and also to maintain their firmness and fullness for longer period in life. These are purely herbal preparations hence can be taken without any medical prescription. These do not cast any sort of side effect even after prolonged use.



What are the ingredients of Big B-36 oil?

Big B-36 oil helps in providing fuller and firmer busts in a natural manner. The herbs used in the preparation of this oil provide the best natural way to prevent sagginess of busts. The ingredients used are: Gambhari, Margach, Kashmiri, Semala, Shivan, Mahakusumika, Gumar, Kumil, Triparni, Sarvtobhadra

How to use Big B-36 oil to obtain maximum benefits?

To get maximum benefits out of this Big B-36 oil, it is recommended to massage busts with Big B-36 oil on a daily basis. Pour a small amount of this oil into your palm and gently massage it in circular motion to each bust two times a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The herbs in this oil will provide necessary nourishment to the bust tissues giving them the space to grow, to make them look attractive.

Is Big B-36 oil safe to use?

Being natural in there production, these are the safest way to help a woman to enhance the appearance of her busts. The herbs used in it do not cast any side effect to the bust tissues and allow the proper growth to them. The natural herbs provide the safe growth of the busts and the fatty tissues inside them.

How long do I need to use Big B-36 oil to enhance busts?

One can use this oil to get attractive bosom to add more to her beauty. To get the optimum benefits out of this oil, it is recommended to use Big B-36 oil for about 3 to 4 months. Being natural in composition, these take time to show results but once benefited the effects are long lasting. Along with this oil, one can use Big B-36 capsules to get more beneficial results.



Big B-36 oil is a very powerful herbal remedy to improve the size and shape of breasts. This herbal remedy has amazing herbal ingredients in it.

Triparni Triparni: This herb is also called Salaparni. This is a perennial under shrub. It usually attains a height up to 120 cm. The slender branches are covered with white hair. And it flowers in May. This herb has many medicinal purposes and it has been in use in Ayurveda for many centuries. It is widely used in treating nervous disorders and asthma. Above all, it can improve the overall health of female reproductive system. It can improve the texture of the skin. It can give a youthful complexion to the skin. It can also improve the firmness of the busts.

Mahakusumika Mahakusumika: This herb is also called Gmelina. It is considered to be laxative, stomachic and anthelmintic. This herb is very good remedy for piles and abdominal disorders. It is also very effective in dealing with urinary tract disorders. Mahakusumika is usually used for making furniture since it is strong. This herb has the ability to improve the firmness of the bosom. It will reduce the sagginess of the busts. That’s the main reason why they chose this herb.

Shivan Shivan: This is a very powerful herb with many benefits. This has been used for many purposes. It has been used in Ayurveda for many centuries. It has antiviral, astringent, diuretic, aphrodisiac and tonic properties attached to it. All parts of this herb are used for medicinal purposes. This herb is very effective in reduce the sagginess of the busts. It will also make the skin look younger and shinier.

Gambhari Gambhari: It is a medium sized deciduous tree found in the forests across India. It usually grows up to the height of thirty meters. It has greyish-yellow bark. As far as the roots are concerned, they are bitter, digestive, diuretic, cardiotonic, nervine tonic, pulmonary etc. This herb is widely used in Ayurveda for several purposes, which includes strengthening memory, improving digestion, treating fever, treating nervous disorders, heart diseases, piles, overcoming giddiness etc. This is also an important ingredient in the preparation of Dasamula in Ayurveda. Dasamula is used for treating appetite loss and puerperal disease.

This herb is generally suggested for indigestion, fever, ansarca etc. The paste form of the root is applied externally to deal with gout. The fruit is sweet and bitter. The best thing about this herb is that it is used for several purposes and it can vastly improve the overall health. Above all, it can improve the size of the breasts. It will give good skin texture as well. It will give a new lease of life to the tissues.



Ayurved Research Foundation


100ml per bottle


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4 reviews for Herbal Breast Enhancement Oil

  1. Chun Li

    It works great for breasts enhancement and I noticed a big difference right away. Definitely will recommend this product to my sister as well!

  2. Emma

    Massaging from this oil on a regular basis shows effective results for me.

  3. Mary Jane

    Really amazing massage oil for women like me. I have small bust size. They never developed after my puberty. I was always afraid about their size and shape. I did not want to go for the surgical treatment so I adopted this natural remedy and trust me it’s really amazing. Now I have the fully grown and firm breasts.

  4. Jamie Philip

    My breasts getting firmer. I advised this product to my sister as well since both of us share the same skinny genes!

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