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12 Best Home Remedies for Heartburn

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn is pain and burning sensation in the chest due to the excessive acid formation in the stomach. During digestion enzymes and fluids create a certain amount of acids to breakdown fat and other complex substances.

Due to many reasons, some times this acid formation becomes excessive which causes heartburn. Whatever we eat is passed through the esophagus into the stomach, the esophageal end in the stomach has a sphincter which maintains one-way flow of food and prevents it from regurgitating into the esophagus.

It is not that everyone who has occasional excessive acid formation faces heartburn, those who have weak sphincter face heartburn as acid regurgitates into esophagus which causes pain and burning sensation in chest.

Excessive gas formation along with acid can make this condition even more severe. Heartburn can cause difficulty in breathing and its pain can be felt in chest, back and shooting towards arms and jaw resembling the pain caused by heart attack. It can change taste of mouth and cause sore throat and voice hoarseness.

Home remedies for heartburn are easy to use and effective treatments to relieve the problem.

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Potato – Natural Treatment to Dissolve Stomach Acid

Potato provides one of the fast-acting home remedies for heartburn. Peel a potato, mash it in a grinder, add it to a glass of water or fruit juice and consume it. This will provide instant relief from pain and burning sensation by dissolving the stomach acid.

Milk and Honey – Home Remedy for Hurtburn

Milk and Honey

Mix two teaspoons of honey in a glass of cold milk, drinking this milk also work as very useful treatment for heartburn. Drinking plain cold milk with little sugar also helps in diluting acids and providing relief from heartburn. Both of these are widely practiced home remedies for heartburn.

Lemon and Baking Soda – Home Remedy for Heartburn

Lemon and baking soda provide one of the tastiest home remedies for heartburn. Add two teaspoons of baking soda to a glass of water, add two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, mix the mixture and consume it.

Lemon has potent properties to digest and nullify acids in the stomach and baking soda helps in removing gas. This is one of the best home remedies for heartburn.

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Chamomile Tea – Home Remedy to Cure Acid Reflux

Remedy to Cure Acid Reflux

Drinking chamomile tea is another one of the best home remedies for heartburn. Chamomile tea can be prepared by adding chamomile to a cup of boiling water. Consume this cup of tea with a little amount of sugar or no sugar.

Fennel Seeds – Home Remedy to Prevent Heartburn

Chewing fennel seeds after meals is a good practice to prevent acid reflux or heartburn. Fennel seeds are very effective in aiding digestion and helping body in breaking down fat and other complex foods without releasing too much acid. These also prevent excessive gas formation to work as convenient home remedies for heartburn.

Ginger – Home Remedy to Improve Digestion

Remedy to Improve Digestion

Ginger has potent properties to improve digestion and regulating bile secretion, bile gets secreted in the body to digest fat and complex foods.

People eating greasy foods generally suffer from acid reflux due to excessive bile secretion. Using ginger in cooking or chewing a piece of ginger as big as one-fourth of your thumb size will facilitate digestion, regulate the best secretion and prevent excessive gas and acid formation. Use of ginger is one of the oldest home remedies for heartburn.

Honey and Almond – Home Remedy to Prevent Excessive Acid Formation

Consuming two teaspoons of honey after meals aids digestion and prevent excessive acid formation.

Eating 5 to 6 raw almonds after meals or even as first thing in the morning, will keep problems like heartburn and acid reflux away. Both of these are dependable home remedies for heartburn.

Herbal Teas – Natural Remedy to Prevent Acid Reflux

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas like green tea, licorice tea, peppermint and catnip in place of regular tea also help in treating as well as preventing acid reflux. Consume one cup of any of these teas everyday before retiring to prevent acid reflux. These teas like ginger and chamomile tea are wonderful home remedies for heartburn.

Holy Basil Leaves – Home Remedy to Treat Heartburn Problems

Chewing holy basil leaves 2 to 3 in number or drinking aloe vera juice also work as effective home remedies for heartburn.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Home Remedy for Heartburn

Apple cider vinegar also provides one of the effective home remedies for heartburn. Mix couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it slowly in small sips to relieve troubling symptoms of acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature but it has powerful digestive properties, when consumed after diluting it with water it dissolves acids to provide relief.

Fruit Juices – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Acidity

Remedy to Get Rid of Acidity

Include fruits and fruit juices in the diet; few pieces of papaya, guava, and banana with meals will not only help in digesting food but also prevent acid and gas formation. For those who suffer with acid reflux quite frequently 2 to 3 glasses of papaya juice in a day or eating papaya fruit everyday are tremendously beneficial home remedies for heartburn.

Along with these home remedies for heartburn one should not forget role of water in curbing the problem, water intake at least 8 to 10 glasses per day is necessary to flush excessive acids and chemicals out. Avoid spicy food and acidic foods like garlic, onion, pepper cabbage etc., walk after meals also helps body in digesting food and expelling gas out of the stomach to prevent acid reflux.

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