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Aabab tablets are one of the leading vaginal tightening products extensively used by women worldwide as an effective natural way to tighten vagina after delivery. These tablets are safe and suitable for women of all ages.

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Natural Way to Tighten Vagina

Genital passage of a woman is formed by flexible walls made up of fibrous tissues, muscles and mucous glands. This passage keeps itself moist to maintain smoothness and flexibility of walls. By secreting fluids, it also maintains healthy pH balance which prevents growth of bacteria or fungi to keep it infection-free. Whenever there is any cut or wound in the walls of this passage, the mucous glands secrete more fluids to cure it and also to flush toxic substances or clear infection or allergies. During normal delivery, the muscles of female’s genital passage get stretched many more times than their normal size to allow the baby to pass through.

Although muscles are stretched for few minutes but the pressure is very high and it takes days for body to bring them back to their normal size. However, it does not matter how healthy a woman is or how quickly the baby passed through the passage, stretched muscles of genital passage after normal delivery do not gain their normal size. They become lax and loose and make walls of genital passage less firm and overtly flexible too. Looseness and laxity in female’s genital passage has physical as well as psychological implications which are pretty serious ones. Natural way to tighten vagina after delivery can protect women from this setback and allows her to lead a normal life.

Laxity in genital passage allows infections to proliferate. Less flexible walls do not allow healthy pH balance and any bacteria or fungi entering into the system can grow conveniently. When infections proliferate, women face excessive discharge of sticky whitish fluid which can be smelly at times. Severe itchiness and swelling can also accompany in case of infections in genital passage. All these problems can be embarrassing, discomforting and extremely irritating. With looseness in genital passage, female fails to enjoy lovemaking and also cannot provide satisfaction to male partner. The walls of genital passage are unable to provide decent grip to male reproductive organ which gives little pleasure to male. Women facing infections may either face severe pain on penetration or no sensation at all due to excessive discharge. Natural way to tighten vagina after delivery are extremely handy as these can avoid such situations from occurring.

Aabab Tablets

Lack of interest in lovemaking can be depressing for a woman as it can strain her relationship with spouse. This causes lots of mental tension and can be harmful for emotional health of a woman. Feeling of undesirable from inside can hurt any young woman’s feeling really bad. Natural way to tighten vagina after delivery not only prevents such a situation but also improves a woman’s health and functioning of reproductive system so much that she becomes much more appealing to her spouse than before. Natural vaginal tightening products are safe and suitable for women of all ages.

Aabab tablets are widely recommended vaginal tightening products. These tablets are purely herbal in nature and do not cast any side effects even after prolonged use. These can be used by women who have just delivered a baby through natural way or even by those who are approaching menopause to cure laxity in the walls of their genital passage. Aabab tablets contain highly effective herbs as ingredients like Manjakini and Alum. These herbal ingredients provide varied benefits which provide tightness to the walls and healthy lubrication to prevent infections, swellings and excess discharge to promote pleasurable lovemaking.

Aabab vaginal tightening product is used by inserting it into genital passage an hour before lovemaking. On insertion, these tablets get dissolved immediately and draw blood flow towards female’s genital region. This higher blood flow brings many positive changes. It improves functioning of nerves and stimulates them to provide higher sensation. Higher sensation causes intense arousals and healthy lubrication to allow smooth penetration and painless movement of male reproductive organ inside genital passage. Blood flow allows body’s immune system to curb swelling and prevent pain and hindrance in lovemaking.

Natural Products to Tighten Vagina after Delivery

Aabab vaginal tightening products improve cell generation, higher cell generation, repair tissues of genital walls which get damaged during childbirth and also improve tissues of muscles to make them firmer and flexible. These benefits enlarge and strengthen tissue lining of genital walls and make them thicker and stronger. By gaining thicker and stronger tissues in genital passage, women gain thinner, suppler and flexible passage which provides firm grip and higher sensation during lovemaking. Healthier tissues and mucous glands maintain just right kind of moisture and pH balance inside the passage to flush toxic substances and infection out and keep female genitalia healthy and trouble-free.

Women using Aabab tablets as vaginal tightening products not only gain tightness and firmness but also enjoy lovemaking like never before. Even post-menopausal women after using these are able to gain earth-shattering climaxes and provide maximum fun to their male partner. Pleasurable lovemaking strengthens bonding between the partners and also makes a woman feel confident and desirable. These tablets can be used without any prescription as these are completely free of side effects.



What are the ingredients of Aabab tablets?

Aabab tablet is the best way to provide vaginal rejuvenation. The herbs used in the preparation of these tablets provide natural way to tighten female genital passage after delivery. The ingredients used are Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus Infectoria.

How to use Aabab to obtain maximum benefits?

To get maximum benefits out of these tablets and to feel the joy while making love, one need to insert one Aabab tablet in her genital passage, one hour before lovemaking. The herbs in the tablet will provide nourishment to the genital organs, making them more alive to feel the sensation. This will have the lasting effect for about 3 to 4 hours which will help in enjoying the intimate moments completely.

Are Aabab tablets safe to use?

Being natural in their production, these tablets are the safest way to help genital passage in getting back its tightness. The herbs used in Aabab tablets do not cast any side effect to the genitals and thus provide proper care to them.

How long do I need to use Aabab tablets to get permanent vagina tightening?

One can use these tablets before every lovemaking act but to get the optimum benefits out of them it is recommended to use Aabab tablets for about 3 to 4 months to get complete tightness. Being natural in their production, these take time to show results but once benefited the effects are long lasting.



Aabab tablet is a powerful herbal remedy to increase the tightness of genital passage. The powerful herbal ingredients are the reason behind the effectiveness of this herbal remedy.

Dridranga, Argilla Vitriolutum Dridranga: It is also known as Argilla Vitriolutum. It is a safe herbal remedy that can be used to increase the tightness of genital passage. Many suffer from problems such as fatigue and loose genital passage. Those people can have a sigh of relief as this tablet is very powerful in dealing with both. Sensitivity of the genital walls will get improved tremendously with the help of this herbal ingredient. This herbal ingredient also plays a major role in improving the lubrication. With improved lubrication, one can have better lovemaking.

This herb has been in use for many centuries to make herbal remedies to deal with loose genital passage and fatigue. Besides improving the tightness of genital passage, this herb will prevent the problems like excessive discharge or leucorrhoea. Another important thing about this herbal ingredient is that it gets rid of the awful odor in the genital passage. This herbal ingredient has the amazing ability to increase sensitivity of the genital passage area. It will also strengthen the nerves in genital passage area and that will play a major role improving the sensitivity.

This herb is also capable of fighting yeast infection in the genital passage. It cures conditions such as uterine prolapse as well. It supplies all the essential nutrients as well. Another advantage of using this herb is that it will be able to retain the hormonal balance, which is the key to preventing many of the troubles. All thanks to these positive effects, Dridranga has been a very powerful and popular herbal ingredient for centuries.

Majuphal, Quercus Infectoria Majuphal: This herb is also known as Quercus Infectoria, it is a very important herb which can cure genital passage looseness. This herb has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties attached to it. The overall health of the genital parts and female reproductive system will benefit hugely with the use of this herb. Therefore, it is considered to be a great tonic for female body.

It will increase the tightness in a natural manner. Moreover, this herb will increase lubrication, which will improve lovemaking tremendously. Another great advantage of using this herb is that it will be able to increase blood circulation to the genital walls and that will improve lovemaking. This herb is a painless method to increase the tightness of genital passage. This herb has the power to enhance sensitivity and arousal.

This herb is also known as Croton Caudatum and Oak Galls. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties attached to it. This herb is a widely used herbal ingredient in traditional medicine. Since it has high content of tannin, it is very good for the health of uterus and genital passage walls. It will tighten the genital passage walls in a natural process.



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Natural Vagina Tightening Tablets


7 reviews for Vaginal Tightening Products

  1. buchanancrystalg

    I had 2 normal deliveries due to which I lost the tightness of my genital passage. But after using this amazing product, I would like to say that I am back to my pre-pregnancy stage. I would recommend this to every women who faces the trauma of loose genitals. My blessings to its makers!

  2. Swift

    My wife just loved Aabab tablets. I gifted her this myself to her for her saggy vagina problem and the results are just WOW!!!!!!

  3. Emma

    Good product. This is showing results but how long I have to use these to get desired results completely is not yet clear.

  4. Mary Jane

    Finally, got the youthfulness back by using these tablets. Such a pleasure it imparts me. It really takes me to the level of ecstasy.

  5. Shahnaz Patel

    I had been using these tablets for 4 months and I can definitely say it helped me so much to tighten my genital passage permanently. No side effect either. Great!

  6. Lucy Joseph

    After my delivery I was unable to satisfy my husband because of loose vagina. We were having emotional battles since then. But then I discovered Aabab tablets and now I want to convey a huge round applauds and regards to this product for saving my relationship.

  7. jemima jeserem

    Is it recommended for people who has not given birth?

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