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Vg-3 tablets are widely used and trusted vaginal tightener products that help to maintain tightness of female genital passage so that women stay active in bed and also healthy. The herbs present in these tablets prevent excessive secretion of mucous which over lubricates genital passage and makes lovemaking completely unsatisfactory.

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Best Vaginal Rejuvenation Products

Looseness and laxity in genital passage of a woman can be a source of health issues and also an emotional setback. Bedtime activities bring couples closer and strengthen their bonding. Due to looseness and issues which surge-up because of it, couples no more remain interested in these activities and can have strained relationship. This can be a severe emotional setback for a woman. Apart from this, women suffer with problems like regular whitish discharge from genital passage, frequent infections, swelling and severe itching due to loosening of genital passage. Herbal vaginal rejuvenation products are very useful and highly effective in treating this problem and prevent complications occurring due to it.

The looseness in genital passage is actually looseness in its walls. The walls of female’s genital passage provide it grip and suppleness which allows smooth penetration and movement of male reproductive organ during lovemaking. These walls comprise of fibrous tissues, muscles and mucous glands. When there is laxity in these walls, entire passage loses its grip and suppleness which causes troubles in lovemaking. The mucous glands present in the walls secrete fluid during normal state to keep passage moist and flexible, and more importantly, to maintain healthy pH balance to negate activities of microorganisms.

When these walls are lax, fluid secreted by mucous glands decreases in quantity and is unable to maintain moisture and also prevent microorganisms from proliferating. This causes growth in infections and makes penetration painful to prevent lovemaking. Even if male is able to penetrate, the looseness in the walls does not provide proper grip and neither male nor female is able to enjoy the act. Herbal vaginal rejuvenation products are extremely beneficial in alleviating this condition and also in preventing it.

Childbirth is one of the major causes of laxity in walls of female genital passage. During normal childbirth, the muscles of these walls get stretched many times more than their normal size and later body is unable to bring them back to their normal size. Apart from childbirth, birth control pills by changing hormonal balance, poorly fitted IUDs by causing infections, anemia, poor health and issues like Oligomenorrhea, Dysmenorrheal, Leucorrhea, etc also cause looseness in the walls of female genital passage.

Herbal Products to Make Vagina Tight Fast

Vaginal rejuvenation products are able to provide speedy results in all the cases. Aging and arrival of menopause which marks end of fertile years of a woman are other natural causes of laxity in genital walls. Blood circulation due to these reasons gets reduced towards female genitalia which decreases cell generation and deplete size and thickness of tissues present in walls of genital passage. It also makes them prone to wear and tear on slight pressure and causes dryness in genital passage. Vaginal tightener rejuvenation products are so effective that these can prevent and treat even these conditions and allow women to lead normal life.

Vg-3 tablets are highly effective and the best vaginal tightener products. These tablets are purely herbal and do not cast any sort of side effects even after prolonged use and are suitable for women of all ages. Vg-3 tablets are the best vaginal tightener tablets because these are not only excellent in rejuvenating lax and dry genital passage but also maintain it so that women stay active in bed and also healthy. The herbs used in making these tablets are Manjakini, Dridbeej, Suhaga, Juhi and Gulab. All these herbs have certain innate properties which in combination with other herbs alleviate the problem of looseness, dryness and hygiene in female genital passage.

Vg-3 tablets stimulate blood flow towards female genitalia; higher blood flow brings more nutrition and oxygen for cells. By gaining optimum nutrition, cells generate at faster pace to make tissues strong and to also make them thicker. By gaining thicker and bigger tissues in the walls of genital passage, women gain narrower and smoother passage. Healthier tissues allow mucous glands to keep the passage moist and also free of infections. Herbal ingredients of this product have ability to tighten the muscles of genital passage and uterus. When muscles are tight and due to higher blood flow, the organ gains optimum nourishment. These make walls flexible and improve their grip.

Natural Vg-3 Tablets

Herbal ingredients of Vg-3 tablets prevent excessive secretion of mucous which over lubricates genital passage and makes lovemaking completely unsatisfactory. Use of these tablets promotes healthy secretion of fluids during normal state necessary to maintain flexibility of walls, and prevent infections and just right kind of lubrication during arousal to allow smooth and painless penetration and sensational lovemaking.

The herbs used in this best vaginal tightener possess strong anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to keep infections out and also heal cuts, wounds and injuries in a short time. All these benefits provide a tighter smoother and suppler genital passage to a woman of any age and also allow her to stay healthy and active in bed. Using these tablets is easy. Just insert one tablet an hour before lovemaking and enjoy love life to the fullest. These tablets can be used without any medical prescription.



What are the ingredients of Vg-3 tablets?

Vg-3 tablet is the best natural way to provide vagina tightening. The herbs used in the formulation of these tablets provide nutritional support to restore lost elasticity and tightness of the genital passage. The ingredients used are Dridranga (Argilla Vitriolutum), Dridbeeja (Acacia Arabica), Juhi (Jasminum Aurioulatum), Gulab (Rosa Centifolia), Majuphal (Querrus Infectoria), and Suhaga (Soda Biboras).

How to use Vg-3 tablets to obtain maximum benefits?

To get maximum benefits out of these Vg-3 tablets, one needs to insert a tablet in the genital passage one hour before lovemaking. The herbs in this tablet will provide necessary nutrition to the genital organs, making them more alive to feel the tightness and sensation. This will have the lasting effect for about 3 to 4 hours which will help in enjoying the intimate moments to the fullest. Also these tablets will reduce white discharge and foul odor problems.

Are Vg-3 tablets safe to use?

Being a natural formulation, Vg-3 tablet is the safest way to tighten genital passage to experience maximum enjoyment during the coition. The herbs used will work in the efficient manner to provide extreme pleasure during lovemaking.

How long do I need to use Vg-3 tablets to get permanent vagina tightening?

One can use this tablet before every lovemaking act but to get optimum benefits it is recommended to use Vg-3 tablets for about 3 to 4 months to get long lasting results. Being natural in their production, these tablets may take time to show results but the good thing is that once benefited, its effects are long lasting.



Vg-3 tablet is very effective in increasing the tightness of genital passage. This herbal remedy has very powerful herbal ingredients in it.

Dridranga, Argilla Vitriolutum Dridranga: Argilla Vitriolutum is the other name of this powerful herb. It is very effective in dealing with looseness of genital passage. This herb is very effective in dealing with fatigue and genital passage looseness. Sensitivity of the genital walls will get improved with the regular use of this powerful herb. This herb also makes way for improved lubrication. Women will be able to have enjoyable love making with this capsule. This has been a major ingredient in Ayurveda remedies for centuries. This herb is also useful in treating excessive white discharge.

Majuphal, Quercus Infectoria Majuphal: It is also known by the name Quercus Infectoria and this herb is very powerful in curing loose genital passage. This herb is very well-known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Overall health of genital parts will be improved tremendously with the help of this herb. Tightness of the genital passage will be increased in a natural fashion.

Lubrication will also increase for smoother penetration. This herb is a painless method to increase the tightness. This herb will also increase blood flow to the genital and that will result in increased arousal and sensitivity. This herb is also known as “Croton Caudatum” or “Oak Galls”. This herb has amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties attached to it. Since it has high amount of tannin, this herb will be able to tighten the genital passage muscles and uterus in a natural fashion.

Dridbeeja, Acacia Arabica Dridbeeja: This herb is also known as Acacia Arabica. This herb is most known for its astringent property. The presence of tannic acid makes it perfect for controlling bleeding. This herb will be able to smooth the genital passage. It is also capable of controlling genital passage discharge. This herb is seen in both India and Africa and it has been part of traditional treatment for very long.

It is also very powerful in dealing with number of conditions since it has styptic property attached to it. It has the natural ability to reduce the infections of body organs. It will be able to provide nourishment to the busts. It will reduce sagginess of the busts. It will give new lease of life to the dull tissues. It also promotes firmness.

Suhaga, Borax Suhaga: Borax is the other name of this herb. It has blue flowers which are used for medicinal purposes. This herb is very useful dealing with problems related to kidneys, heart, digestive system and adrenal glands. This is also very useful in dealing with jaundice. This herb is also beneficial for the health of female reproductive system. It is useful in eliminating infections and foul odor from the female genital passage and prevents white discharge problem.

Juhi, Jasminum Aurioulatum Juhi: This herb is also known as Jasminum Aurioulatum. It’s basically a flower. It will improve the health of genital passage. It has very strong scent. It will help improve the tightness of genital passage. Divinity is attached to this flower in India.



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5 reviews for Vaginal Tightener Rejuvenation Products

  1. Jamie Philip

    I purchased these tablets looking for a miracle. I didn’t want surgery so it took two months for me to do the research for the best pill available in the market and it was Vg-3 where my search ended. I decided to purchase these tablets not due to looking at the reviews but because of the ingredients they have mentioned which is crystal clear to everyone. I loved it. Great job people!

  2. Patrick Vinita

    I have regained tightness in my genital within a short span of time by using Vg-3 tablet. It provides ultimate pleasure during lovemaking by providing higher sensation. Best product known ever for the women suffering from sagging genital passage.

  3. Manisha Chakraborthy

    I’m very satisfied with the results of Vg-3. It worked extremely well to tighten my genital walls. I would recommend this to every woman who is keenly interested in fixing this issue. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Such an awesome product it is!

  4. Rose Dawson

    There is no doubt if this product is declared as one of the best herbal supplements to deal with stretched vagina. I am using this and experiencing the effects.

  5. Ted Mosby

    Glad that I bought this. My wife is so happy. Feeling proud to make her smile again.

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