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6 Best Home Remedies for Illness

Home Remedies for Illness

Illness is period of sickness affecting body and mind, apart from this illness is also a period which appear as sickness due to adaptive response of the body. Human body is attacked by microorganism uncountable times during the day; body also copes with stressors like physical activities, environmental changes etc everyday. Immune systems shield attack of microorganisms and body’s healing system reverse wear and tear and exhaustion caused by physical activities etc.

When these systems are weak or down body falls ill. Sometimes immune system senses entry of harmful substance in the body, in order to nullify the threat it makes some changes, these responses are called adaptive responses, for e.g. fever, immune system raises temperature of the body to kill an infection.

But if body’s healing and immune system are powerful and upbeat illnesses cause trouble very fewer times, home remedies for illness are ways to keep these systems of the body strong and active.

Home Remedies for Illness

Ginger – Home Remedy to Cure Illness

Home Remedy to Cure Illness

Ginger provides a few very useful home remedies for illness. It is said that healthy digestion can keep most of the ailments away. Ginger is a natural herb or spice for keeping digestion sound, it regulates healthy bile secretion, it supplement antioxidants and works very well to keep blood and digestive tract free of toxins. All these advantages make it easy and effective choice as home remedies for illness. Cut a piece of ginger in small pieces, add half lemon juice and consume it with meals. One can also use ginger in cooking as spice. Crush a piece of ginger and add to a cup of boiling water, let the mixture boil for few minutes, add a teaspoon of honey and drink two-three cups in a day. All of these will work as tremendously beneficial home remedies for illness.

Garlic – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Illness

Garlic’s taste and smell is harsh for many, but do not get repelled by these as garlic provides few powerful home remedies for illness. Garlic has properties which repel 30 different types of bacteria and fungi, it also supplement active and quality antioxidants and is digestion booster. One can use garlic as a spice in cooking and also as salad ingredient in raw form. Chewing two bulbs of garlic and racing it down with a glass of water keeps blood flow even, digestive tract clean and immunity higher to work as the best home remedies for illness.

Wheatgrass Juice – Home Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Illness

Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Illness

If poor digestion can cause many illnesses, slow and incomplete removal of waste matter from the body can cause even more. To keep excretion healthy is very necessary; methods to keep excretory system sound are excellent home remedies for illness. Consume juice of cranberry once in a day, or few glasses of blueberry, pineapple and papaya juice to keep urinary and excretory system healthy. These fruits can be consumed in raw form as well and are equally beneficial. Drink a glass of wheatgrass juice for colon cleansing and supplementation of vital nutrients to the body. Take wheat grass in sufficient quantity and soak in water overnight. Grind it with grindstone and collect the juice that comes out in a cup, keep grinding till it changes its color and become white. Drink collected juice once in a day. All of these are magical home remedies for illness.

Vegetables Juice – Home Remedy to Improve Physical Health

Vegetables juice provides many benefits and is regarded as home remedies for illness too. Juice of spinach and beetroot are excellent for increasing blood’s nutrient and oxygen-carrying capacities, these juices increase number of RBCs in the blood. Carrot has dense nutrients and active antioxidants, consuming raw carrots or drinking its juice is incomparable in terms of health benefits. One can gain varied benefits by preparing a mixture of vegetable juices. Extract 300 ml of carrot juice and 100 ml each of spinach and beetroot. Mix these juices to get 500 ml of vegetable juice, drink this mixture in a day. These are the best home remedies for illness.

Herbal Teas – Home Remedy to Keep Body Healthy Energetic

Herbal Teas

Green teas and herbal teas are other magical home remedies for illness. Two-three cups of green tea can do wonders to enhance health and its healing and protective abilities. Green tea is considered a healthy drink on the planet and is tasty too. Use loose leaf green tea in place of tea bags and enjoy cups of good taste with wonderful health benefits. Teas prepared by boiling herbs like cinnamon, chamomile, peppermint and sage are also wonderful home remedies for illness as these too possess stupendous properties to keep body and mind of a person healthy and enduring.

Best Dies for Illness to Improve Physical Health

Lifestyle and overall diet play a crucial role in keeping one healthy, good lifestyle and dietary practices also work as home remedies for illness. Walk at least 2 to 3 kms every day, eat smaller meals, limit use of oils and butter, drink two glasses of milk by skimming them two times, eat fruits in higher quantities and consume leafy and green vegetables as much as possible. Use of curd and cereals in the meal is very nutritious and strengthening. Drink plenty of water at least 10 to 12 glasses every day.

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