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10 Best Home Remedies for Bruises

Home Remedies for Bruises

Medically bruises are defined as traumatic injuries which can damage capillaries and venules and allow blood to seep in surrounding tissues. These mostly appear as lines on the skin and are reddish or purplish in color.

Generally, accident, trauma, falls, chemicals, heat due to friction and surgeries cause bruises but certain medical conditions can also cause these which are of a more serious type.

Leukemia, liver disease, renal failure, insufficient platelets, malfunctioning platelets, venous blockage, hemophilia, bleeding disorder, scurvy, vitamin K deficiency, and aging are some of the causes which can raise bruises on the skin even in absence of trauma or injury.

The bruises can be mild to life-threatening depending upon the cause of the problem. Home remedies for bruises are simple, effective and easy to use methods which can cure them in a short time and prevent the formation of marks.

Home Remedies for Bruises

Ice – Natural Treat Prevent Formation of Marks

Ice packs are useful home remedies for bruises. Just wrap a few cubes of ice in a plastic sheet and apply over the affected part. Hold the pack in place till the area gets numb and remove, after a couple of minutes applies again, repeat 3 to 4 times in each session and perform at least 2 to 3 sessions in a day. These will entice blood flow and cure the bruises quickly.

Hot Compresses – Home Remedy to Treat Bruises

Remedy to Treat Bruises

Hot compresses are as good as cold ones, just soak a towel in warm water, wring and wrap around the affected part. Let it stay for a few minutes and repeat 3 to 4 times a day to cure the problem.

Another way of using hot compresses is by making a salt bag. Just wrap few tablespoons of common salt in a cloth tightly and heat this bag on a hot dry pan.

Check if salt bag is not too hot and apply over the affected part, let the skin absorb heat of the bag and apply again few times.

Hot compresses with salt bag are one of the best home remedies for bruises and muscular pains and injuries.

Lotion Cayenne Pepper – Homemade Pain Reliever Lotion

Prepare a homemade pain reliever lotion; cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is an excellent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Add one part of grounded cayenne pepper with 5 parts of Vaseline and apply over the affected part. This is one of the fast-acting home remedies for bruises.

Home Remedy for Bruises

Home Remedy for Bruises

  • Turmeric Powder
  • Lemon Juice
  • Clarified Butter

Take turmeric powder in sufficient quantity depending upon the size of bruise. Add lemon juice to make a paste. Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and heat it a bit and mix with turmeric-lime paste. Mix them well and apply over affected part and let it stay for few hours, cover it with a bandage if needed or you can spread the paste on a cloth and tie it to the body part. This is one of the effective home remedies for bruises.

Cabbage Leaves – Home Remedies for Bruises

Cabbage leaves are also oldest home remedies for bruises and other type of injuries caused to skin. Take couple of leaves of cabbage and roll with something to break the veins of leaves, tie these to the affected part with the help of a cloth. Let cabbage leaves stay for sufficient duration these provide immense relief from the problem.

Lavender Oil – Home Remedy to Relief from the Problems

Remedy to Relief from the Problems

Apply a mixture of lavender oil and any carrier oil like coconut over affected part, this works as one of the simplest home remedies for bruises. Washing affected part with warm mixture of apple cider vinegar and water also work as potent home remedies for bruises. Just mix warm water and apple cider vinegar in equal part and either soak a cloth in it and tie to the affected or wash the affected part with the mixture and let it dry out.

Potato Slice – Home Remedy to Relieve Pain and Swelling

Just like cabbage leaves, potato slices are also used widely as home remedies for bruises. Just cut a potato into medium slices and tie to the affected part. Let them stay for few hours, and repeat again, these will cure the bruises quickly and will also relieve the pain and swelling.

Comfrey Leaves – Home Remedy for Bruises

Take couple of tablespoons of comfrey leaves, crush them to form a paste, add few drops of water if needed and apply over the affected part. Tie the paste with a bandage and let it stay for sufficient duration. This is one of the best home remedies for bruises.

Banana – Home Remedy to Remove Bruises

Remedy to Remove Bruises

Applying banana peel is another one of the popular home remedies for bruises. Just peel off a banana and apply its skin, the inner part facing the wound and tie with a bandage or cloth. Let it stay overnight.

Take few avocado leaves and boil them with a sufficient amount of water, after a few minutes remove the bowl from the burner and let the mixture steep. When it is bearably warm, with the help of cloth soak the affected part a few times.

Let the mixture dry out later and repeat a few times in a day. Both of these are the best home remedies for bruises.

Increase intake of foods high in vitamin K and also citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. Drink plenty of water and do not exert the affected part.

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