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Mucuna Pruriens Pills, L-Dopa Supplements



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Mucuna Pruriens pills possess renowned Mucuna Pruriens herb in purest form for variety of exceptional health benefits. These capsules contain seed extract of this herb and their dosage provides amazing benefits in easiest way.

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Mucuna Pruriens Pills

Mucuna Pruriens is famous as Kapikachhu in Ayurveda and is age-old time-tested herb. The entire fruit of this plant is beneficial for human health in one or the other way but its seeds are most beneficial and possess rare medicinal properties. Mucuna Pruriens pills are also called as L-Dopa supplements. This herb supplements Levodopa also called as L-Dopa which is beneficial for mental and physical health in many ways.

There are other priceless attributes of L-Dopa supplements which improve quality of life of an individual. L-Dopa supplements or Mucuna Pruriens pills are good for men and women both. Due to texture and colour Mucuna Pruriens are also called as Velvet beans and their supplements are also famous with name of Velvet Bean extract capsules.

Mucuna Pruriens Supplements for Low Testosterone

Mucuna Pruriens Supplements for Low Testosterone

Velvet bean extract supplements are excellent for improving testosterone levels. These have long been used as supplements to rejuvenate male and female reproductive system. Higher testosterone levels in men keep their libido higher and maintain their fertility. This hormone is also beneficial for keeping muscular endurance higher and sharper brain functions.

In case of women this herb by maintaining higher flow of blood towards genital region improve functions of female reproductive organs. Mucuna Pruriens pills are wonderful supplements for keeping male and female libido higher and bolster sexual energy. It also maintains reproductive system secretions healthy and proper and improves production of sperms and ova for higher fertility.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract Pills for Parkinson’s Disease

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease arrive when people are unable to produce Dopamine. This is feel good hormone which is vital for handling stressful situations and curbing anxiety. Velvet bean extract capsules are reckoned as releaser of L-Dopa which is precursor to Dopamine. Mucuna Pruriens pills are one of the most effective supplements to keep problem of Parkinson’s at bay and even relieve its symptoms.

Regular intake of L-Dopa supplements check progression of disease effectively and naturally. Mucuna Pruriens capsules have positive effects on entire nervous system. These even relieve ill-effects of bad habits which stress nervous system and cause trembling of hands and limbs. These are anti-anxiety and depression supplements too.

Mucuna Pruriens Capsules for Growth Hormone

Mucuna Pruriens pills are excellent for maintaining release of growth hormone. Velvet bean extract capsules maintain pituitary gland functions healthy and allow release of growth hormone to maintain body healthy and strong. This herb has been used since old times as anti-stress herb. The reason is that L-Dopa supplements curb level of cortisol hormone which scavenges vital hormones like growth and testosterone.

The regularly high level of cortisol in blood prevent pituitary gland from giving instruction to release growth hormone which gradually stops its secretion or make it very low. Velvet bean extract capsules are amazingly beneficial for healthy HGH level in the body.

Mucuna Pruriens Capsules for Bodybuilding

Mucuna Pruriens Capsules for Bodybuilding and Muscle Mass

By improving secretion of growth hormone and testosterone Mucuna Pruriens pills are wonderful aids for growing muscle mass and muscular endurance. Testosterone hormone improves rate of conversion of fat into lean muscles. It also keeps muscles energized and high on endurance.

Optimum availability of growth hormone maintains bone density and generation of bone and muscle tissues. These benefits make Velvet bean extract capsules wonderful support for people in bodybuilding or love to have muscular body. L-Dopa supplements provide curvy and shapely body by reducing fat level and are wonderful supplements for weight control for men and women both.

Velvet Bean Supplements for Diabetes

Mucuna Pruriens seeds are hypo-glycemic in nature. These reduce existing sugar levels and are also known as capable of improving pancreatic functions. The use of L-Dopa supplements increase insulin secretion and promotes sugar metabolism. The Velvet bean extract capsules improve glandular functions, these protect glands from damages and in case pancreas help in generation of beta cells for higher and better quality insulin secretion naturally. Velvet bean extract capsules can reduce intensity of diabetes naturally and make living easier of a diabetic.

Mucuna Pruriens Supplements for Male Fertility and Potency

The positive effects of Mucuna Pruriens seeds over male fertility and potency are incomparable. These improve male libido by keeping testosterone availability higher. Optimum level of testosterone keep genital region sensitive and testicular functions upbeat for production of healthy and motile sperms. These supplements also keep mental health and nervous system sound, and maintain reproductive system healthy. Mucuna Pruriens seeds due to their strong properties are regarded as effective treatment for male impotency and infertility.

Mucuna Pruriens for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Problem of ED and PE are due to physical and psychological reasons. These problems also arise due to health disorders and due to sexual malpractices too. Use of Mucuna Pruriens for testosterone improvement treats and cures problems like ED and PE naturally and allow male to gain optimum virility. Mucuna Pruriens for testosterone secretion even reverse damages caused by malpractices and provide powerful erections and longer staying power in bed.


How does Mucuna Pruriens work?

Mucuna Dopa supplements work by improving glandular functions and healthy hormonal secretion. Mucuna Pruriens benefits are largely due to their properties which improve level of health promoting hormones and improve functions of vital systems of the body. Hormones are responsible for keeping physical and mental health sound and upbeat and also promote longevity.

Mucuna Pruriens seeds and their extract are excellent for suppressing release of hormones which cause system malfunctions and harm health. By improving level of health promoting hormones and suppressing stress-causing and depression causing hormones Mucuna Pruriens capsules provide sound overall mental and physical health and prevent metabolic and, psychological health issues from arising.

What is L-Dopa used to treat?

L-Dopa is used to treat nervous system disorders. It is used to enhance libido and sexual energy in males and females. It is stress-buster and enhances brain functions like its control over senses and regulation of healthy sleeping pattern. Improved energy, endurance and strength are other Mucuna Pruriens benefits. Treatment of psychological issues like depression, weight gain due to hormonal imbalance and suppresses release of harmful hormones. Improved intellect and cognitive abilities are other Mucuna Pruriens benefits.

What is Velvet Bean extract used for?

Velvet bean extract is used by people for increasing their ability to exercise longer. Mucuna Pruriens capsules are wonderful supplements for people seeking muscular body. Ingestion of Mucuna Dopa supplements increase body’s ability to exercise longer by bearing physical and mental stress. Controlling symptoms of diabetes are other Mucuna Pruriens uses. Velvet bean extract neutralizes rise in level of sugar and also improves pancreatic functions to control the problem naturally.

It is also used as powerful anti-venom. It maintains heart beats and fights back entry of any venomous substance. Use as Anti-venom is one of the oldest Mucuna Pruriens uses. Velvet Bean extract comes with variety of super-charged antioxidants. The free-radicals in body are causes of cell damage and premature aging. In presence of health disorders, bad habits, regular medication and unhealthy diet and lifestyle these found a way to outgrow and affect health severely. The ill-effects of powerful free-radical mechanism is felt and seen over health and looks of a person very quickly.

Antioxidants are compounds which inhibit free-radical activities and eliminate them out of the system. These compounds are also called as anti-ageing as these slow down ageing process. The positive effects of antioxidants are excellent for youthful energy, stamina and verve and for looks. Mucuna Pruriens capsules supplement antioxidants which are phenolic acid, polyphenols and flavonoids. These protect health from numerous disorders and also improve health and looks of a person.

Protection from Parkinson’s disease is one of the main Mucuna Pruriens uses. Parkinson’s is reckoned as untreatable as it is not possible to reverse its damage. But with regular intake of Mucuna Pruriens capsules containing Velvet bean extract as major ingredient not only it provides protection but also relieves its symptoms.

What vitamins and minerals are in Velvet Bean extract?

Velvet bean extract comes with variety of trace minerals and vitamins. The major Mucuna Pruriens benefits are its ability to increase absorption of nutrients that are made available through diet. Mucuna Dopa supplements by improving hormonal secretion and maintaining their proper balance improve absorption rate of nutrition in the body and enables its best utilization.

The ability of these supplements to regulate metabolic, energizing, rejuvenating mood balancing and anti-aging hormones make it most effective. Properties which improve peripheral nervous system make them effective herbal treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The properties of this extract which enhances body’s internal mechanism makes it safe and increases range of its uses. The Mucuna Dopa supplements affect physical, mental and sexual health of men and women and provide better looks and figure.

How long does Mucuna Pruriens supplement take to work?

It is not possible to mention any general timeline for everyone. The results in many cases arrive very soon but in others these may take little longer. The duration varies because of health condition, age and health issues from person to person. If right kind of Mucuna Pruriens dosage is takes on regular basis person feels considerable improvement in overall health, fitness and energy and also mental calmness and sharpness. It is very quick in relieving mental stress and also improves body’s endurance and energy levels. On regular use it is well-known for younger and attractive looks and reversal of signs of ageing.

What are the side effects of taking Mucuna Pruriens?

There are no known side effects of this herb. For people who are using this herb in raw form there are certain precautions which they need to take. For those who take supplements the herb is already refined and purified so there are no chances of any ill-effects on health. The supplements can be used without any prescription and for any duration. The natural effects and purity of supplements makes them safe for people of all age-groups.


Health Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens Pills

There are many Mucuna Pruriens benefits which improve physical and mental health of men and women. Some of the top ones are listed below –

Healthy nervous systemMucuna Pruriens supplements are reckoned as most effective herbal treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Right kind of Mucuna Pruriens dosage ingested in patient of Parkinson’s shows considerable improvement in the condition. These supplements protect and even relieve the symptoms of the problem for natural and effective herbal treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Regular use of these supplements maintain healthy nervous system and suppress disorders like anxiety, nervousness, depression etc. This herb is very useful for alleviating ill-effects of bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, etc. People taking regular medication have stressed nervous system due to toxin overload in blood. Mucuna Pruriens dosage works as efficient protector of nervous system and maintains it healthier.

Herbal testosterone supplements – Mucuna Pruriens dosage is wonderful for maintaining level of testosterone hormone. This hormone is vital for libido, sexual energy, reproductive system and muscular endurance. Low level of testosterone causes depression and harms mental health. For people suffering with very low testosterone level hormonal therapy is recommended which is very expensive and risky treatment full of severe side effects.

Mucuna Pruriens dosage in right amount works as efficient herbal testosterone supplements and alleviate the problem naturally. These supplements keep libido higher and also reverse signs of infertility and impotency in males. Mucuna Pruriens for testosterone are safe as these increase level of this hormone naturally without causing any imbalance with other hormones and glands.

Muscular and shapely body – The positive impact of Mucuna Pruriens over human health makes them excellent supplements for improving muscle mass and gaining strong and muscular body. These supplements speed-up muscle and bone tissue generation and provide shapely body. These are used by people requiring higher physical and mental endurance. One gets growth in muscle mass, faster conversion of fat into muscle tissues, growth of bone density and stronger joints. These supplements are particularly beneficial for women who suffer with bone disorders after a certain age and have stiff and painful joints.

Sleep and relaxation – Mucuna Pruriens pills increase HGH and work as effective herbal testosterone supplements. These also increase Dopamine and all these collectively regulate healthy sleeping pattern. These hormones also keep one mentally sharper and alert and suppress stress, anxiety and depression etc.

Blood sugar and hypertension – The hormonal balance promoted by the supplements relieve conditions like high blood sugar and hypertension. These prevent these problems from arising and also relieve intensity of these issues efficiently. Mucuna Pruriens have very positive effect over glands of the body which makes it useful for handling metabolic, digestive and other kinds of disorders.

Uses of Velvet Bean Supplements

The uses of Velvet Bean extract are as follows.

Herbal treatment for Parkinson’s disease – Use of Mucuna Pruriens supplements for treating and checking progression of Parkinson’s disease is very effective. This herb supplements L-Dopa which is precursor to Dopamine, this hormone improves responses of brain to pleasure and stress and maintain mental calmness.

For treating infertility, impotency and low libido – Alleviating conditions like male and female frigidity, poor function of reproductive system, low sperm count or untimely ovulation etc. are other Mucuna Pruriens uses. Mucuna Pruriens for testosterone improvement have been used since ages. This is one of the natural and safe herbal testosterone supplements which treat sexual problems in men and women efficiently.

Diabetes, hypertension and healthy heart – The proper hormonal secretion, anti-stress properties, better metabolism, improved pancreatic functions and other benefits of this herb makes it useful for handling and preventing diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. The supplements of this herb are recommended for people prone to suffer with these problems or already suffering with it.

Weight control – Mucuna Pruriens maintains HGH level in body for longer period in life. Usually this hormone starts declining after age of 20 years, in most of the cases it declines at rapid pace. But with use of Mucuna Pruriens one gets healthy HGH level which generates muscle and bone tissues at faster pace. Higher HGH level brings faster weight loss in healthy manner and provides stronger, fitter and healthier body and high energy. HGH level also improves bodily endurance and strength and allows a person to exercise for longer duration.

Anti-stress, anxiety and sharper memory – The healthy hormonal secretion and release of energy keeps mind and body healthy. This herb is powerful stress-buster and also prevents anxiety. One gets sharper memory, better focus and higher brain alertness level.

Treatment of insomnia, mood swings etc. are other Mucuna Pruriens uses and benefits. The increased level of Dopamine and other related hormones bring regular and sound sleep at proper timings. These supplements also prevent mood swings and improve mental calmness and focus. By regulating healthy sleeping pattern one gets riddance from variety of mental disorders which affect due to busy daily routine, menopause, growing age or other reasons.



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Mucuna Pruriens seed extract

Direction of Use

Take one Mucuna Pruriens capsule twice a day with water regularly for about 3 to 4 months to obtain good result.

4 reviews for Mucuna Pruriens Pills, L-Dopa Supplements

  1. John Cottam

    Mucuna Pruriens pills help me to boost my testosterone levels and enhance my stamina naturally!! Love this product!!

  2. Cosmo

    I was taking hell lot longer to finish my work. I was bit confused too, at times I would do and negate my work quite a few times, also felt tired always particularly after finishing office. Someone told me about weak nervous system and also suggested this herbal supplement as solution. It is amazingly beneficial. So quickly and conveniently it helped me come out of troubles that it was hard even for me to believe. Thanks to maker of this supplement.

  3. Francois Simmons

    It was about six months before when I noticed trembling in my one hand, it was happening regularly, I smoked vehemently so rushed to see a doctor. My nervous system was giving way to smoking stress. I also started feeling tired and had absolutely no desire for lovemaking. This supplement in a month’s time improved my condition. Trembling and tiredness was gone and I was feeling lot eager for night fun. I do not think any other treatment would have provided such great results.

  4. Arathorn Barton

    Anyone would call me older than my age. Reason was my stooping posture, I was slouching more while sitting and always shifted to a lazy position in chair. My love-life was in jeopardy. My manhood would not become stiff even after persuasion. Mucuna Pruriens pills did the trick, quickly, efficiently and smoothly, without much fuss. Now I make pleasurable love with lot of verve and strength. I sit smartly and move briskly like a younger male than my age. This supplement deserves recommendation.

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