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Herbal Osteoarthritis Treatment Pain Relief Supplements


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Rumatone capsules are specially developed herbal supplements for osteoarthritis which are made by blending time-tested herbs that relieve pain and improve joint stability.

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Arthritis is a type of inflammatory disorder which presents itself in more than 100 different forms, osteoarthritis or OA is one of the most common forms of this inflammatory disorder. OA is caused mainly due to bone degeneration.The degeneration of bones is initiated by aging, poor calcium metabolism, unhealthy lifestyle, deficiencies or due to bone disorders like osteoporosis or calcium reabsorption etc. Joints are places where two bones meet, the ends of bones are covered with cartilages which allow bones to swivel over each other without causing friction to allow movement. If bones are weak and fragile these shed, due to this shedding cartilages get damaged and cause friction during movements. This friction causes severe pain and inflammation and also makes joints stiff, this stiffness, pain and inflammation keeps on increasing till it is not treated and checked.

Rumatone capsules are powerful herbal supplements for osteoarthritis which relieve the troubling symptoms and also heal damages caused by this disorder to provide long-lasting relief. These capsules provide herbal treatment for osteoarthritis which affects root causes of the problem and alleviate the symptoms which make these capsules most dependable treatment for OA. Apart from bone shedding there are numerous other reasons of OA, Rumatone capsules are osteoarthritis supplements which provide wide range of benefits and provide holistic herbal osteoarthritis treatment.

Healthy joints are vital for body’s ability to move and perform activities. Weakness and debilities in these organs can deplete working efficiency of a person and also restrict his or her movement. OA is most commonly affecting inflammatory disorder which is one of the major causes of immobility in large percentage of population. Even if this disorder does not make a person immobile it reduces movement and makes performing activities difficult in large number of people every year.

For stronger and healthier joints apart from cartilages healthy and strong muscles, ligaments and tendons are also needed. Muscles contract and relax to make bones forming the joints move and ligaments hold these bones at right place to maintain joint alignment. Weakness in these organs also causes stiffness, pain and inflammation in joints and damage cartilages. Rumatone capsules provide very effective herbal osteoarthritis treatment by improving health and performance of all organs of the joint and make them stronger and enduring.

Rumatone osteoarthritis supplements are purely herbal and work well for men and women of all ages. These not only provide most effective herbal osteoarthritis treatment but also work as preventive remedies in prone individuals. These supplements due to herbal nature can be taken even for prolonged duration without any prescription.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

Aging is one of the major causes of OA. Age slows down systems and processes of the body and depletes bone density and flexibility. It also makes them brittle and rigid to promote bone shedding. Shedding of bones damage cartilages and make joints stiff, painful and causes inflammation. Rumatone osteoarthritis supplements can prevent ill-effects of aging and provide relief.

Deficiencies particularly of calcium promote bone atrophy. Lesser calcium pushes body to reabsorb calcium from bones, this leaves bones thin and fragile to make joints unstable and weak. Rumatone capsules provide holistic herbal osteoarthritis treatment by supplementing calcium and other vitamins and minerals to enhance bone density. These capsules even handle conditions occurring due to disorders like osteoporosis which makes bones powdery and brittle to restrict movements.

Restricted blood flow either due to aging, inactive lifestyle, weak heart or due to disorders like diabetes etc. slows down tissue generation and makes muscles and ligaments weak. Ligaments are responsible for maintaining joint alignment and muscles make them move. Weakness in these organs hinder smooth movement and also damage cartilages by allowing bones of joints coming too close and rubbing each other on movement. Herbal osteoarthritis treatment provided by Rumatone osteoarthritis supplements handles the problem occurring due to these reasons too effectively.

Poor immunity system allows infections to proliferate in synovial fluid of joints. Synovial fluid keeps cartilages healthy and strong, it nourishes them and also keeps them flexible to prevent wear and tear and keep movement smooth and frictionless. Infections cause inflammation and make cartilages brittle and weak to make joints stiff and painful. There are certain types of acids which can corrode cartilages like uric acid. Consistently higher level of this acid in blood initiates formation of its crystals which get deposited in synovial fluid. These crystals too damage cartilages and trigger gout attack. On aggravation gout can lead to OA by making joints immobile and severely painful. Rumatone capsules handle all these causes of OA effectively and provide holistic herbal osteoarthritis treatment.

Obesity, heredity and strenuous lifestyle are other causes of OA. All these factors promote wear and tear of joint organs at higher rate to promote pain and stiffness. If not checked or treated properly these can make joints weak, unstable and disrupt its alignment to cause OA. Use of herbal osteoarthritis treatment provided by Rumatone capsules is effective in handling the problem due to these conditions too.

Osteoarthritis Supplements

Rumatone capsules are widely recommended herbal osteoarthritis supplements to treat problem of OA effectively and safely. These supplements provide optimum nutrition to the body to promote growth of bone tissues. These herbal supplements for osteoarthritis provide optimum dosage of vitamin D and calcium to the body to enhance bone density and strength. These osteoarthritis supplements also help in curbing bone disorders like osteoporosis and others which deplete bone density.

This herbal osteoarthritis treatment also speeds-up process of tissue generation. Faster rate of tissue generation strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons to make joints stable, strong and enduring. These osteoarthritis supplements improve joint stability and their weight and pressure bearing capacity by maintaining proper alignment and improving their endurance. These herbal supplements for osteoarthritis also possess strong and powerful antioxidants which prevent tissue damage and slow down process of tissue aging. These benefits check progression of OA due to aging and due to weakness in body which causes weak muscles and ligaments.

Rumatone osteoarthritis supplements lower toxicity in blood and body, higher toxin presence trigger inflammatory response and causes joint inflammation; it also causes redness and warmth in joints. These herbal supplements for osteoarthritis also enhance immune system functions to keep synovial fluid free from infections and maintain healthy cartilages. All these benefits provide holistic osteoarthritis natural treatment which alleviates pain, inflammation and stiffness and keep a person active and mobile.

The major advantage of this herbal osteoarthritis treatment is its ability to regenerate cartilages. These herbal supplements for osteoarthritis possess herbs which repair damaged cartilages quickly and in a person of any age. Strong and healthy cartilages reduce symptoms of OA and promote smooth and painless movement. This osteoarthritis natural treatment also metabolizes harmful acids in digestive tract to prevent their excessive presence in blood. Harmful acids like uric acid can damage cartilages and cause OA; by preventing build-up of such harmful acids these capsules provide very effective herbal treatment for osteoarthritis.

Some of the herbs used in Rumatone capsules to provide osteoarthritis natural treatment are effective in metabolizing fat and utilize deposited fat in the body for energy production. Improved fat metabolism help in shedding weight and reducing pressure over joints to relieve symptoms of OA. This herbal treatment for osteoarthritis also improves functions of nerves and provides better control over joint movement.

Rumatone capsules possess herbs which are far better pain relievers than any OTC medicines.These also have powerful anti-inflammatory herbs which relieve pain and swelling caused by OA to promote smooth and painless movement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these capsules safe to use?

Rumatone capsules are purely herbal treatment for osteoarthritis. These do not contain any synthetic material and come loaded with pure herbs to deliver fast, effective and completely safe osteoarthritis natural treatment. These can be used for prolonged duration without worrying about side effects.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

Rumatone capsules come loaded with herbal ingredients which are – Kesar, Kapur, Hartal, Rigni, Lohban, Sonth, Kali Mirch, Ramyaphal and Triphala. These herbs collectively provide most effective osteoarthritis natural treatment which alleviates pain, inflammation and stiffness and promote joint movement. These herbs are pain relievers and strong anti-inflammatory, these also boost-up metabolism and lower toxicity in body. Some of the herbs used in these capsules promote flow of blood and improve supply of nutrition and oxygen to each and every cell of the body.

How to use these capsules to obtain good result?

Consume one or two pills of Rumatone every day after breakfast and dinner with water or milk. These are most effective herbal treatment for osteoarthritis and work for men and women of all ages.

How soon should I expect the first result?

Duration of first results may vary from person to person.The results vary due to severity of the problem, health condition and age of a person. But these are highly effective supplements which bring in positive results in a short time.

How long do these capsules take to show their effects?

It is recommended that one should use these capsules regularly for at least 3 to 4 months. OA is caused mainly by deficiencies, disorders and aging, reversing ill-effects of these factors is not possible overnight. By taking these supplements for decent duration one ensures maximum results and long-lasting effects which keep problem under control for longer period in life.

What other benefits are there?

Rumatone capsules provide wide range of benefits. These enhance muscular performance, strength and endurance and also provide stronger and powerful bones. These nourish ligaments and other organs of the body. Their ability to prevent tissue aging keeps a person active and youthful for longer period in life.

Antioxidants supplemented by the herbal ingredients of these capsules slow down process of aging and maintain higher energy and stamina in the body. Higher immunity and improved fat metabolism promoted by these capsules is also wonderful for leading an active and disease-free life. These supplements are excellent aids to enhance vitality and functions of entire musculoskeletal system of the body.



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  1. Taylor

    I have been suffering from arthritis since I was young. I am a basketball player and a sport lover. I train very hard which ultimately result into pain. After using this product for a while, it not only helped me with my pain but also helped in my flexible joint movement. It is my savior..

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