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Lawax capsules are made-up of highest grade herbs that are known worldwide for boosting male stamina and strength. This herbal supplement is extensively used as effective premature ejaculation cure by men worldwide to last longer in bed.

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Early discharge or PE is quite common among males these days. Are you the one having this problem? Here’s a powerful natural premature ejaculation cure that will help you to get rid of the problem. Before discussing in detail about the cure, let’s find out the causes of early discharge of sperm. The reason is untimely and less nourishing diet, physical inactivity, psychological issues and lack of exercises. Males need optimum secretion of testosterone hormone in the body to keep reproductive system nourished, energized and active. This hormone gets released in male body naturally throughout life, however due to growing age its quantity gets depleted.

Secretion of testosterone needs physical activity. This hormone gets secreted when muscles are strained during first few hours of night, if a person is asleep and when male has arousing thoughts and conversations. It is medically proven that a male gets aroused many times during a day mentally which helps in maintaining level of testosterone in blood. Males having lesser physical activity, mental tensions, which does not allow him to think about lovemaking, strained relationship, emotional setbacks or not sleeping at proper time generally suffer with low testosterone level and make their reproductive system lethargic and weak.

Due to sluggish and weak reproductive system problems like PE, ED and low libido occur which can even lead to impotency. Herbal pills to last longer in bed not only energize reproductive system but also enhance a male’s virility and his lovemaking capacities.

PE Causes

Natural Premature Ejaculation Cure

Lawax capsules are the most effective and safe herbal premature ejaculation pills to last longer in bed. These capsules address all the possible causes of the problem and enhance level of testosterone in the body to energize reproductive system and organs, and make a male capable lover in bed. Some males due to poor endurance and energy are unable to last more than a minute; this disappoints their female partner and also hurts a male’s self esteem. Man’s reproductive system has been created to control ejaculation and delay it as long as he wishes to. Also, females like longer duration of lovemaking; it pleases them like no other thing in world. But males having low energy levels, stressed-out reproductive system, poorly functioning nerves and inability to control emotions cannot make love for satisfactory duration. Lawax herbal pills to last longer in bed help a male come out of this depressing state in a short time.

Lawax capsules by enhancing testosterone levels enhance blood flow towards male genital organs. Higher blood flow brings in more nutrition and oxygen for cells. By gaining optimum nourishment and higher oxygen supply, cells regenerate at faster rate and strengthen tissues of the region. Stronger tissues make organs stronger and enduring. Biggest benefit a male gets due to optimum level of testosterone is stronger, active and energized nerves. These nerves play a dual role. These enhance sensation and cause immediate erection and after gaining hardness these delay discharge by keeping semen locked. This allows a male to gain much better control over his discharge and continue the act as long as he wishes to make gratifying love. Lawax herbal pills to last longer in bed are beneficial for curing other disorders like nightfall, ED and low libido too and bless a male with everlasting virility and vigor.

Herbal Pills to Last Longer in Bed

Lawax capsules come loaded with highly effective and wonderful herbs to provide perfectly safe premature ejaculation cure. These are Ashwagandha, Siddha Makardhwaj, Shatavari, Kaunch, Safed Musli, Akarkara, Semal Musli, Safed Behman and Vidarikhand. These herbs enhance testosterone secretion in male body safely and naturally. These herbs also supplement vital nutrients in bio-available form to cure deficiencies occurring due to poor diet and lifestyle and these reverse ill-effects of diseases and aging to make a male capable lover in bed. All these advantages not only work as premature ejaculation cure but also as rejuvenators for entire male reproductive system.

Herbal Pills to Last Longer in Bed

Prevent Early Discharge of Sperm

Combining use of Vital M-40 capsules with Lawax capsules make it even better premature ejaculation cure. Vital M-40 has been designed to enhance a man’s vitality. These capsules nourish tissues, muscles and bones of the body and increase their strength and endurance. These capsules provide necessary support to all the systems of the body by increasing nutrient and oxygen supply through supplementation and higher blood flow to rejuvenate entire body with youthful energy and strength. Vital M-40 fills in nutritional gaps because lack of nutrients occurs due to slow metabolism and poor diet.

The nutrients supplied to the body are in bio-available form. These get absorbed in the blood directly. So, people having slow metabolism or elderly people get benefited with instant burst of energy by using these capsules. These natural male energy supplements improve growth of bone tissues, lean muscle mass and enhance endurance and energy of muscles by many times. Improved functioning of respiratory, urinary, immune and cardio system enhance stamina and keep body healthy and disease-free. All the benefits of Vital M-40 and Lawax capsules work as holistic premature ejaculation cure. The results obtained by this treatment are long lasting and can be maintained easily for longer period in life. These capsules can be taken without any prescription as these are completely free of side effects.


What are the ingredients of Lawax capsules?

Lawax capsules help in providing the best premature ejaculation cure. These capsules do not allow semen to ejaculate before a man wishes to. These are loaded with the best ayurvedic herbs which provide the efficient means of preventing early discharge of semen. The ingredients used are: Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Semul Musli, Kaunch, Akarkara, Safed Behmen, Vidarikand, Sidhhamakardhwaj

How to take Lawax to obtain maximum benefits?

To get maximum benefits out of Lawax capsules, it is recommended to take one or two capsules twice a day. The herbs in these capsules provide the much needed nourishment to the entire body system and strengthen nerves to improve ejaculatory system. As a result, this will help in preventing PE. One can supplement these capsules along with Vital M-40 capsules to get better result in quick time.

Are Lawax capsules safe to use?

Being natural in their production, these are the safest way to help a man to avoid quick release of semen which can distress his lovemaking process. The herbs used in it do not cast any side effect to the male reproductive organs and enhance stamina and power to prolong lovemaking sessions.

How long do I need to take Lawax to avoid PE?

One can use these male stamina booster pills to enhance the holding capacity of semen. To get optimum benefits, it is suggested to use Lawax capsules along with Vital M-40 capsules for about 3 to 4 months. Being a natural formulation, these capsules may take time to show results but once benefited, the effects are long lasting.


Lawax capsule has very powerful herbal ingredients in it. Here are the key natural ingredients of Lawax capsules.

Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is a powerful herbal ingredient used in Ayurveda. It is useful in dealing with all sorts of debilities. It has the ability to deal with the symptoms of PE. This herb belongs to Nightshade family and it has incredible abilities when it comes to dealing with sexual problems. This short shrub has amazing medicinal value attached to it. It reduces fatigue and improves vitality. It improves strength and stamina. It helps to delay discharge of sperm as much as possible.

Shatavari Shatavari is a sweet and bitter herb, which is widely used in Ayurveda for several purposes. It has the natural ability to balance pitta dosha. This herb is regarded as the female equivalent of Ashwagandha. This herb is known for its healing abilities. Overall health and performance of reproductive organs will get improved with the help of this herb. It is a very well-known aphrodisiac. This herb is rejuvenative, nutritive tonic, diuretic and laxative. It will also increase libido.

Semal Musli Semal Musli is a very well-known rejuvenating herb which can extend your life expectancy. It will increase male libido. Also, it will strengthen male reproductive organs. Overall performance will also get improved with the help of this herb. Male power will be improved tremendously with the regular intake of this herbal ingredient. It also treats insomnia and hair fall. Above all, it reduces weight and LDL cholesterol levels.

Safed Behman Safed Behman is a very powerful herbal ingredient to deal with PE. It also will be helpful in increasing strength, stamina and vigor. Vitality of the cells will get improved tremendously with the help of this herb. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac. It also has cardiac tonic properties attached to it. It will also help thicken the seminal fluid. This herb is widely used in preparing natural male stamina booster pills.

Siddha Makardhaj Siddha Makardhaj is a well-known ayurvedic remedy with mineral and herbal ingredients. It is known as a rejuvenative ingredient and is used for aphrodisiac property. This blend is very popular in North India in Ayurveda preparations. Overall performance in bed can be improved tremendously with the help of this ingredient. No wonder why it is chosen as one of the major ingredients of Lawax capsules.



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Natural Male Stamina Enhancer Pills


9 reviews for Premature Ejaculation Cure Pills

  1. dylanpatrick

    Natural herbs present in Lawax capsule have really proved their worth in treating my PE problem. I recommend it to everyone who is suffering from the problem of early release of sperms. Guys you must try it!

  2. danielwaugh06

    I am also using this product and I can assure you this capsule can change your life. This is the best product for males who want to enhance their stamina in bed.

  3. Tanmay Lodha

    Phew! It was a nightmare. Who knew it would work! But it did. Lawax you are a problem rectifier. Cheers to those who are involved in its making.

  4. Brandon Hood

    It is the best capsule for men who want to enjoy long duration during lovemaking.

  5. Tom Walker

    No more early ejaculation now. I got more than I expected with you Lawax!! 20 minutes stamina currently!! Thank you.

  6. Mpho

    This supplement wiped my problems away like speck of dust in no time. My stamina, energy and verve all improved and I started leading a normal love-life. My confidence was back and I was always eager to get intimate with my girlfriend. After completing my course I am totally amazed to feel the varied benefits. My potency and fertility is at new high and I much capable lover and man. It has even improved my working efficiency. This is just excellent!

  7. Theodore

    Although I was losing semen regularly with urine but very illogically still I would cum in bed quickly. Actually my parasympathetic nervous system was gutted completely. Herbal ingredients of this supplement resurrected my nervous system and blessed me with control over my discharge. Now I perform with lot of verve and intensity and I decide when I to finish the act. My climaxes are like serial blasts, exhilarating and electrifying. This also improved my potency and my hardness pleases girls immensely.

  8. Jack

    My signs of impotency were gone is just couple of month’s use. Surprised, but it is true. I was not achieving optimum hardness in bed which was spoiling my girlfriend’s pleasure too. I tried massage, supplements, creams and what not but only after using this supplement things changed rapidly. Now, I become as hard as rock and I penetrate smoothly which is highly pleasing for my woman. I have higher energy and verve and my endurance has improved too which gives me complete control. Great supplement!

  9. Gibson Sanarov

    I always reckoned alternative treatment as useless. My false notion was shattered to pieces by this wonderful supplement. So easy to use and highly effective it gave me what I never expected. My potency, energy and stamina and most importantly my endurance in bed all peaked in no time after using this supplement. I have been using it for last couple of months and results are incredible, truly stunning. My love-life is full of passion and I stay much energetic and alert now, thanks to this supplement.

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