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Medicine to Reverse Over Masturbation Side Effects Naturally

Hi Sir,

This is Sarath,

I am 27 years old. Due to excess practice of masturbation my health is so poor facing a lot of problems like excessive precum, semen leakage, hair Loss, IBS, blurred vision, back pain, poor memory and lack of concentration.

My hair is so thin and my face has become so dull and dark I am sure it all happened due to excess practice of masturbation. I want to overcome all the side effects of over masturbation.

Now I came to know that Shilajit, NF Cure, and Mast Mood oil will cure all the side effects of masturbation. I have been suffering from excessive precum for more than 2 years.

This really makes me so weak whenever I talk with my girlfriend and when I get excited its oozing out in larger volume.

I am unable to go outing with her because of this problem and also am unable to spend time with her which really creates a problem in our relationship. So, I have decided to try Shilajit, NF Cure and Mast Mood Oil to get rid of excessive precum.

Today I have received the one month supply. Now my doubt is while taking these supplements. Can I talk with my GF?? Is that fine??

Two days before I called and spoke about this to one of your executives. He told me to take this supplement for 3 to 4 months to overcome side effects and to control my excitement while talking with her but that is impossible.

So I have decided to reduce the frequency of talking with her and also no outing for next four months but sometimes unknowingly without my conscious, I get excitement and leakage happens without arousal in large quantity.

Now, please tell me will it have any impact on my progression rate? Or should I completely stop talking with her please give me a positive reply with a brief explanation.

Help me am so confused. Moreover, I have decided to take 2 NF Cure with 1 Shilajit for 2nd and 3rd month. Please advise me waiting for your quick reply to start my medicines. Please note excitement is really uncontrollable.

Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

You must continue these pills for 3-4 month regularly or you get fully satisfied. Your problem is also severe and old. As these pills are 100% pure natural, GMP certified and chemical free so do not cause any side effect to your health. Please be positive while taking these pills.

You can talk with your GF but you need to control excitement while talking with her, if you can’t then avoid talking over phone for so long.

Along with these please follow these tips:

  • Avoid self-stimulation habit
  • Drink plenty of water at least 3-4 liters
  • Empty bladder before sleep
  • Consume healthy diet but avoid heavy food at night
  • After taking meals go for walk
  • Control your excitement by practicing yoga or meditation
  • Read good books at night
  • Daily practice exercise it gives too much benefit to your health

For further queries or any health-related issues please feel free to ask.

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